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Well, at least my steak is done....

Now I know what you're all thinking already "yet another zombie game".'re right, but this one's different and probably the most realistic zombie game I've played. There are multiple versions and most of the new versions are buggy, yet playable. The version I played most so far has been RC2.5, since some other versions won't work on my PC.  Anyway, Let's begin:


Gameplay: The controls for an Isometric game are a bit clunky and you will miss zombies a lot of the time because of this, they're still possible to kill though. Leaving the oven on by mistake will lead to a fire (earlier versions and RC3) which can be overwhelming at times when you go downstairs to check on your steak...You can rip clothes apart to make sheets and then craft them to bandages, ropes to climb out the window, or leave them as sheets and cover up windows without curtains. You can make barricades with a hammer, nails and a plank of wood and if you run out, grab your Recycle Bin and take it to some trees and cut them down as you can't lift them by yourself. Then you must convert them to wooden planks and place them on windows/doors, however the noise of barricading attracts more Zombies leaving you with a dilemma. At the start of the game you can be a construction worked and add more walls around your safe house. There's lots more, meaning that everyone will have their own unique stories to share.


Story: There is NO cure. The story is of how you died, eventually you WILL die. Whether it be of starvation when you've looted everywhere, an NPC that just doesn't like you or a Zombie. Dying by a Zombie doesn't happen instantly, instead there's percentages of how you may become one yourself. For instance if I got scratched in my leg that would be a 25% chance of getting infected, However if I get bitten by a Zombie then that guarantees infection. I might survive for a few days with a 'sick' moodlet eventually 'sick' will be replaced with 'slowly dying', Which is unique and let's me enjoy my last bottle of whisky smashing as many Zombies heads in as I can, or waste the rest of my pistol's ammo. There eventually will be a real story called K&B (Kate and Baldspot) but so far that has been a tutorial and is quite short.


AI's: Currently nothing good can be said about NPC's behaviour. But we have information on a 'meta-game' in which the NPC's will remember you and what you previously said to them, which may lead to arguments and losing morale in a group if you're leading one/part of one. This adds a lot of re-playability alone and with the help of modding players can add more lines of text that they may say. This feature hasn't been revealed too much yet. But it's a really exciting feature.


Over-Watch: Or over-seer I don't remember the exact name, but it's something along them lines. The Over-Watch is an element that keeps the game interesting, even if you're holed up in a barricaded fortress  or scavenging to survive. As said with the meta-game with the arguments, this might send a raider group to your fortress and they might try to break in, or attract more zombies to your location. Which keeps it intense and not boring. But the Over-Watch is on your side as well for example if a raider does get in, he might make him miss so you won't instantly die or you'll just be shot in a certain part of the body.


Mods: Even with the state of some versions there are modders making custom stories and...well mods, like a farming mod, survival monitor etc.



The next version is in development [RC3] and will be open to public testing on the forums to those who've already purchased it. Then once its ready it will become available on Steam.


Overall: If, by now this hasn't convinced you to buy the game. I don't know what else will. Others I assume will have already spent their €5 on the game and are playing it right now. Great gameplay, unique stories for each player, lots more features to come.