Im sick of being run over by my own bike!

The popular Xbox LIVE! Marketplace title 'Trials Evolution' has finally made its way to PC after being exclusive to Xbox since its release on April 18th 2012. The PC version, titled 'Trials Evolution: Gold Edition', features all the tracks from Trials HD and the same goes for Evolution

Controls: I played this via keyboard, and surprisingly it works well. Leaning left and right is instant making the weight of the bike feel just the right amount of balance between realistic and arcade-y. Slowing down is tricky as you have to press the down arrow key while balancing left and right with your other fingers, Luckily most of the keys are re-bindable for both Keyboard 1(WASD and Misc) & Keyboard 2(ARROW KEYS and Misc) Layout. While I'd recommend a controller to get more out of this game, it works well with the keyboard.


Gameplay: The gameplay is really satisfying especially with the ragdoll physics the game has, sometimes the character might get crushed under his own bike, or just fly through the air, and while he might not be so happy with those scenarios, you will be enjoying them. What was really cool to see was in one specific tracks background there were jets flying around and explosions in the background and the jets would look like they narrowly missed your character. 3D would have been a nice feature.

Also there's one thing hampering the gameplay and it's the stuttering of the camera while you're driving, it isn't bad but having a smooth camera would be good. There will hopefully be a patch to fix this. Gameplay: 9

Audio: It doesn't have too much going on with audio, besides some cheering in the background with a commentator shouting 'Yeah!', 'Alright!'. Such a great commentator...There is some nice music in the background though, and it suits a lot of the pre-made tracks. Some of the music is heavy metal, others are just guitar solos. Overall audio: 7.5


Visuals: It's graphics are really, really nice. For this type of game you would've expected them to focus on the core gameplay, but they didn't leave the graphics out. Overall I'm pretty impressed even though the video options might not be impressive, score: 8.5


Customization: Trials has character/bike customization where you can change wheels on your bike or the colour of individual parts for instance, red handlebars and a blue body. The game also includes the track editor which is split into 'Lite' and 'Pro'. The 'Lite' editor is if you want to easily make tracks of racing, etc. While the 'Pro' editor allows you to make top down perspectives and first person perspectives not only that, but you can make new scenarios similar to other games. The editor works nicely with the mouse and gives you a huge map to set the start and finish or your track.

Multiplayer: It comes with three multiplayer modes, Supercross: 'Fast side-by-side racing'. Trials: 'Fast single-lane ghost bike racing on easier tracks.' And Hardcore Trials: 'Challenging fast-single lane ghost bike racing on technical tracks.

Overall: Trials Evolution: Gold Edition, can be picked up for €19.99 via digital distribution. The tag line: 'Trials Evolution: Gold Edition is optimized and enhanced for the PC gaming platform' is quite true, minus the camera stuttering issues but otherwise it's optimized pretty well. The gameplay alone is worth the money their charging, add in a track editor, minor customization, multiplayer and its really worth the price.

At least screenshots dont lag...