Tomb Raider
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Tress Fx on and off see the difference

          Hello guys today I thought it would be a good idea for me to review a game that I like alot,a game that could easily be the best game of this year so far.Tomb Raider.I would to thank you for reading my review eventhough its not that good.For those you havent played the game yet,lets see what the story is all about.You play as Lara Croft a young and ambitious explorer.The game begins with Lara settings out for her first expedition in a ship called "Endurance",trying to find the lost kingdom of Yamatai which is located in an island somewhere inside the dragons triangle a place which is like the bermuda triangle.For her bad luck the ship is struck by a violent storm and split in two leaving the survivors on an isolated island.Lara is captured and after she finaly escapes she tries to reunite with the rest of the team.After the team reunites Lara discovers that the island's inhabbitants worship Himiko which confirms that the this is the lost kingdom of Yamatai.That is mostly the story I cant say more as if I do I will spoil the experience to those who havent played the game yet.

         The game is for me amazing,it combines action,a good story and a beautiful environment.The game is very tense aswell,you dont know what hides behind each step.Will something collapse,will Lara lose balance and fall into a huge river,you just dont know.The graphics just look amazing especially in  higher settings if your rig can handle it.A new feature called TressFX similar to Nvidia's Physx has been introduced in Tomb Raider,by turning it on Lara's hair look so realistic which makes the graphics even better to look at and is also easier to pronounce.I now know why square enix didn't introduce TressFX in hitman absolution,well played:).Lara just looks gorgeous,square enix has really paid attention to the tiniest detail on her,Lara has also a new voice actors and god she did an amazing job.Camilla Luddington made Lara so believable so that one point you think she is one with with Lara.

         I have objections with Tomb Raider just that I would like a little bit more from this great campaign.So there you are this is pretty much my review about Tomb Raide.I hope this reboot will bring many new fans to the series.Thanks for reading :).


The new Lara