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AI: Hyun-ae.

When it comes to text based games, it's difficult to build an interesting story that the player can easily grasp, but get emotional if they read a certain block of a message. This game does that quite well, since they have animated characters which help with the emotion. The two female AI characters are: Hyun-ae & Mute. But by default they are deactivated and you have to hack to get them up and running. 


The story is hard to describe without spoiling a lot of it, but I'll try my best. The game begins with an intro with a message stating that a 'Pre-FTL generation ship from the 2000s' named the Mugunghwa popped up in his radar and that its disappearance was an 'Unsolved Mystery'. So he sends you the ship's coordinates and asks you to download any log files you can to explain what happened to the ship, and if possible talk the security AI Mute for assistance. Then you are taken to an override terminal and given a set of commands. These commands are used to gain access to AI's and gain more information about the mystery of the ship. So, one of the commands displays enable_ai. I type in 'enable_ai Hyun ae', and quit the terminal and there is a character that appears asking 'hello'. I click on the text and on her emerges the feeling of happiness that she's finally found someone after all this time. She tells me her name [Hyun-ae] and states she is in charge of the log files for the Mugunghwa. But as it turns out, after some time digging through old logs files for the Mugunghwa, Hyun-ae has a dark and sad background that will make each player feel sorry for bringing them files back to the surface, of course if the player doesn't sympathize, he can choose to reply ignorantly with Hyun-ae. Within the logs there are emails which describe lots of other characters really well. (I won't push into the story anymore because if I did then there wouldn't be any point in playing the game.)


The music is a tolerable addition but it is repetitive and you'd be better off muting it and playing your own music in the background on repeat.


Each AI acts differently and has different feelings towards how the world used to be compared to what it is now. The game also has different endings depending on your choices. Analogue: A hate story really ties to your feelings and will keep you playing for hours. Apart from the story there isn't that much going for this game, but thankfully it pulls it off magnificently. It has 59,000 words most of which being messages in the log files.


Overall: It's re-playable with the dialog chocies and different outcomes. But it's not a game for everyone. Reading through lots of text with very annoying music in the background is a hassle to gain focus on the story and background of characters. But I will give it and 8.5 out of 10. It's Definitely worth a buy and especially if you like to sit back and relax while getting gripped to a story. 

AI: Mute