Resident Evil 4
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In game

Hi, I'v wanted this game on PC for a while, and I needed to check whether or not I could run it, I found Game Debate and his site is truely amazing! after finding out I can run the game I went and brought it the very next day, all data from this site was very accurate and I was running on high without even breaking a sweat (bearing in mind my rig isn't bad but it's certainly not high end) 

This game is very well optimised in my opinion, it requires minimal settings to run and can be enjoyed even on low-medium settings.

All in all this game is a great edition to PC and a great starting game in my opinion for anybody new to PC gaming that enjoys older (in my opinion) better games :)

Thanks alot to Game debate for helping me make my decision to buy this game and ultimately solidify myself as an official PC gamer :)

In game - 

The in game is very well done, although there are some resolution issues in some textures the game is ultimately solid throughout.

Some glitching through walls are the only issues I'v really experiences in the game, clipping is overall not an issue though as on the few occurences it happened to me it wasn't at all a game breaker more just a laugh if I'm honest ;) (some funny position there!)

Sorry if this article isn't very long, I'v had lack of sleep (mainly due to this game ;) ) 

I definitely think all of you should try this game, refreshing from the market that's currently dominated by first person shooters, survival horror at it's finest!

- DanDicken