Orcs Must Die 2
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Orcs must die! 2

This game is truely one of the most fun (but challenging) arcade style games I have ever had the chance to play!

The game starts out quite easy with little to no thought being needed to pass levels, however it progressively get harder and real thought needs to be put into trap placement and strategies for different types of levels.

The game isn't very taking for decent PC's and there is an option to change from high graphics to medium if your PC is experiencing any type of lag.

With a revamped 'upgrade system' it is completely different to its previous game (Orcs must die!) with you being able to upgrade your favorite traps with skulls earned by completing level (5 per level with additional skll drops by enemies sometimes)

The game doesn't end there! with multiplayer the game has a big replayability factor, often re playing the game with a different friend is extremey fun as you can play on a harder difficulty.

With weekly challenges, new and challenging levels are added (using previous level with a pre set list of traps you have to use to pass it)

DLC has been much better with this game too, with 3 sets of DLC being released within the first 5 months of release (unsure about anymore) all including 3 level for around $5 (a little overpriced but still worth it)

The game is overall very fun and engaging, however in some of the harder level you'll really feel like you need a rest after finishing a level ;) (can be quite stressful!) overall an amazing game, I definitely suggest you try the game out :)



- DanDicken