Path of Exile
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Path of Exile is a F2P RPG game created by Grinding Gear Games (GGG) who are a small based company from New Zealand. The game has currently been in development for 6 years.

Path of Exile is set in the location of Wraeclast; a place where exiles and other criminals are sent. The game gains revenue through micro-transactions in-game rather than a up-front cost for the game

When starting a new game you're given the selecting of 6 different classes. You also choose which league you want to participate in such as the standard league or hardcore league. Unlike the game Diablo 3, if you're killed in the hardcore league you don't lose your character, you simply return to the standard league. Due to the game currently being being in beta there are only a few league but the Dev's are planning many more such as the cut throat league which involves invading someone else's instance and killing them! 

After you pick your character and league, you start off on the dark shore line and fight your way on the beach to the town of Lioneye's Watch. Here you can find some NPC's along with a stash and other online players currently on the first act to play with, trade with or simply talk too. During the early stages of the game the NPC's guide you about certain things in the game along with them  panning out the main storyline. 

The game doesn't feature gold as currency, instead the players gain Orb's and Scrolls to buy items from other players and NPC's. This can seem a little overwhelming at first, especially because of the experienced players who know what everything is worth and are able to scam the new players. The currency system is different from other games though and I love it.

The one thing that really makes this game brilliant is the passive skill tree. The skill tree is huge meaning that two characters that might look the same may actually be completely different in terms of their damage and role. The skill tree system also provides a great in-depth system to the game that allows players to discuss strategies and builds which makes the game much more social and fun. To go along with the skill tree system are gems. Gem's are found throughout Wraeclast and provide you with unique abilities, such as being able to split your arrows to hit multiple targets or being able to summon fire to rain from the sky and hurt the enemies. There are loads of gems to collect in the game and you can even level them to increase their value and power.

One of the best things about Path of Exile is that the Dev's listen to the players. GGG have changed the game to what their players want and are still making changes and this is great because if you give the players what they want, they will always come back for more.

All in all this game has won me over and I love it. I've played it more than I played Diablo 3 and I believe that this game is actually better and has a bright future.

Graphics: 7/10

Game play: 9/10

Lifespan: 10/10

In total I would like to give this game a 9/10