Just Cause 2
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Cool guys don't look at explosions, unless it doesn't drop your framerate :) I'll be honest, on PS3 when I first played this, I thought it was complete garbage, then I saw some videos from PC, and I bought it for sale and I love every minute of it now.


Story: You are Rico Rodriguez, probably the most bad-ass character I've ever played in a video game, nothing seems to graze his persona. The plot isn't something you'd want to get into and to be honest you probably would not enjoy it. The main part where this game shines is free roam. Nothing else could be executed more perfectly.


So, how's the free roam? Well, If I could upload more than two screenshots then I would, but sadly that's not the case. So I uploaded two of the most coolest ones I could take. The map is opened once you complete the prologue and the prologue is not something you want to miss. 'Agency Missions' are locked from the start. To unlock the rest of the 'Agency Missions' you must cause 'CHAOS'. Doing this is as fun as it sounds. Destroying bases single handedly with your over-powering grapple-hook is awesome, pull your enemies down from towers and attach them to rockets so that they can fly into the sky and explode for your enjoyment. Or fly your jet into their base, jump out in mid-air and watch the fireworks. Hell, screw the jet it's too small, let's use a Boeing instead! That should give you an idea of the free roaming. And by now you should realize this game gives you so much power, you don't know what to do with it.


Well you've heard about the grapple hook, but it is the best tool in the game and so damn good, it deserves its own section about what it is capable of doing. It is available from the beginning of the game, which is great and you are shown what its able to do, as previously stated above, you can pull enemies down from towers, and more. The 'more' being: hijacking enemy helicopters from the ground; hanging from their helicopter killing your targets below; scaling tall buildings and the like. You can also tether objects together, and some hidden statues in the island of Panau require you to attach your vehicle to the statue and you can probably guess what happens next in that situation.


Multiplayer!? Nope, sorry Just Cause 2 does not have multiplayer, sadly However there is a mod, which I have not tried yet. But it is a load of players causing mayhem across a huge map, I have a feeling I will be trying it out.


Just Cause 2 has a black market which you get after a short period of time, with that, you are given beacons to call for vehicle drops, weapon drops or extraction which is unlocked at a later time. Calling for these cost money, everytime you buy an item, its delivered, and if you destroy it you will have to pay to get it again. It balances to overpowered aspect of the game, even if annoying in some instances.


Good ol' QTEs: Yes,  Just Cause 2 has QTEs but as I said previously it balances the game out, these QTEs take place if you are attempting to hijack a helicopter, boat or a car. They take place in some missions as well such as if you need to disarm bombs. There are four keys assigned to them and the four keys are the numbers keys above 1-4. I like them as they work well with the pace of the game.


Is it optimized well/good options? Most definitely. It holds a steady framerate with most situations and you will have an overall enjoyous experience with the graphics options and the graphics themselves. Each key is rebindable, and there's Xbox controller support for remapping the flight keys! Everything works exceptionally well. 


Not won over yet? How about this: The game is on sale in Steam right now, down from  €19.99 to €3.00! Go and buy it!


Overall: Incredible and joyful experience for PC gamers. Action packed with a great array of vehicles and beautiful free roaming. The entire game is executed really well. I wish I could give it a 10/10, sadly no game will ever be that perfect. Score: 9.5

May I kindly take this boat from you, sir?