Bioshock Infinite
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If you thought you knew Bioshock, well you didn't. This is a new system to an amazing game with a great storyline that makes you never want to put the controller down. For one you will notice that you are no longer a "Big Daddy" and you are not running around chasing or fostering "Little Sisters" with crazy insane "Big Sisters" on the hunt for you. You will also notice that in this game the combat system has improved over its previous predecessor. Instead of just having guns attached to you, you can actually pick up weapons as you kill enemies that are using that weapon. You will start out with a very basic pistol and progress you way up to Sniper Rilfes, RPGs, and even a Heater Gun. All of these weapons are even upgradeable along the way as well complementing larger clip sizes and even increasing damage. You will also notice that you now unlock Vigors as you kill certain enemies that use them against you. Everything from making machines and enemies friendly to summoning crows to battle along side of you. On a side note, if you summon a crow trap and set them ablaze with another Vigor you will increase the damage done over all. Something else that should be noticed about this game is the Environment. Please I would recommend taking your time throughout the game to enjoy what Bioshock has to offer. I may not have been playing this game on ultra due to my laptop not being quite as powerful as a supercomputer, but I was still astonished at the graphics. Everything in the game caught my eye from the beautiful floating city all the way down to the tunnels and factories as it seems the creators left no stone unturned in the graphics department. Well this was just a basic run-through of things I thought I needed to point out about this game. Please be sure to leave a comment to add on anything I may have missed as I am writing this during my intermission of the game. Well off I go to finish the last few hours remaining in the game and like always have a great day, Chewii Out.