The colors offer nice visuals on many tracks.

Trials Evolution is finally on PC (titled "Gold Edition") after enjoying great success on the 360 ever since it's initial launch a year ago. Gold Edition stands for the same experience that the game offers on 360, only this time around it comes with all the DLC and other addons from Trials Evolution and Trials HD for only 20$, a pretty sweet deal. 

As a Xbox 360 port: Having been developed exclusively for the 360, Trials Evolution was ported to the PC instead of being re-coded from the ground up to better suit the optimization of the game. I managed to run it for the better part of my time with it at a fairly smooth 60 fps on a not so high-end rig consisting of a guad-core i5 2500 coupled with an AMD HD 7770 GPU and 4GB of RAM. That is to say, there are 2 annoying hiccups: for one, when the game runs fine the camera is the one that seems to lag, often failing to keep up with the rider and then there were a few fps drops which on a less capabable rig can escalate into major stuttering and spoil the whole experience. Keep in mind that low-end rigs are a no-go because of the average optimization.

Graphics: For what is considered an indie game, Trials Evolution Gold Edition offers some gorgeous visuals which is not a common feat in the realm of games developed on a budget. The envoirments look really nice and polished with great detail, the color palette changes often depending on which track you're playing with a few of them offering some pretty unique and beautiful stylization. The graphics settings include options for Anti-Aliasing, V-Sync, Foliage, 2 shadow presets and resolution.

Gameplay: Trials relies heavily on physics for its gameplay and keeping balanced in order to not land on your face from 100 meters high (it can happen) can prove to be quite a challange though at times it may end up on the wrong side of frustrating (can result in some rage quitting), and after finishing a race, you are awarded with one of either 3 medals (bronze,silver or gold). Unlocking new levels requires a certain amount of medals which will make you go back and re-play some older traks in order to get that coveted gold (usually it can be very difficult with tracks that have a difficulty rating upwards of medium). The controls feel at home even on the keyboard though I rebinded them in such a way that I use W and S keys to accelerate/brake and the right and left arrows for leaning on the bike so that my fingers would not get in the way of each other. The maps are the main highlight both visually and gameplay-wise and range from awesome aztec temples floating into the sky to steep, challanging mountains. Overall the gameplay is really fun no matter which control method you choose, be it a keyboard or controller. 

Sound: The soundtrack is a mix of hard rock/metal and groovey rap tunes which fit the atmosphere very well. Sound effects are decent though nothing to write home about.

Conclusion: I had a very fun time with Trials Evolution: Gold Edition and I suggest you pick it up provided you have a decent rig, capable of playing Skyrim on High settings in order to enjoy it as much as I did. Again, maybe the optimization isn't top notch but the gameplay and cheap price, I'd say, make up for it.


After a while this game will have a tight grip on you, literally.