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About 20 NPCs on your monitor

Age of Empires is now out, and Game-Debate was one of the first to play it. Why? Because we own the most capable rigs of any gaming site out there; which is absolutely necessary for this game.

Reasoning behind this are the stunning graphics and insanely smart and complex AI. Due to this, this game is a real test for RTS-players, as the AI may be even scaling up to the most seasoned professional players out there. And not only that, but the amount of enemy NPC's Esemble Studios managed to put into a single screen is insane, sometimes up to 40!

The game shows off it's capabilities right off the bat, as you are left with the stunning amount of 5 units to command at once. A thing to note is that it's not possible to select more than 30 units at once, but that's no wonder if you keep in mind how gorgeous the world looks, and how well processed the enemy AI is.

As if that all was not enough, the game also comes with a great storyline. It takes place between the stone age Classical period, and an example for a mission is to take over a town, destroy ship, etc. If I have to describe it with one word: astonishing.

Whilst playing through the campaign, you can also make use of various upgrades; such as advancing into the next age, which will unlock new units, buildings and upgrades. A magnificant and smart system, which brings a huge layer of depth to the game.

I already touched on the graphical side of things briefly, and as I said you need a capable rig. Due to the massive amount of NPC's and beautiful detail, Age of Empires can measure itself with top games as of date, such as Crysis 3. You will really feel immersed with the classic world, as it's all presented in a realistic way.

The viarity you experience in this game is like no other; you are able to control ground troops and ships. Also, each map is layed out differently, forcing you to make different units. If all this isn't exciting enough; each new map has different missions for you in store. Due to this, the player will never get bored and stay motivated to play Age o Empires.

Finally, this game contains a large amount of cheats to be used. Gamers like to cheat, so the more cheats the better. Some argue this game even has more cheats than San Andreas, which really clarifies why this game is such a pleasant surprise to many gamers.


Age of Empires sets the bar high for future games, as it's manages to match graphics of Crysis 3 whilst maintaining the gameplay and depth quality of Starcraft 2. If your an RTS fan this game is a must-play, if you are not, this game is a must-play.

The only cons would be the insane requirements to play this game and the amount of paper you spend on printing all the cheats.


Beautiful - Shadows set to high