DLC Quest
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Shouldve bought the Kill NPC Guy Deluxe Edition..

DLC Quest is a 2D 'action' game. The reason I marked action is because the game does not focus or evolve around action at all. The game is centered around its story, and also DLC of course.

As stated, the game revolves around DLC. It tries to mock the gaming industry for releasing to much DLC for their games. This is done in an (attempted) funny and comic-like way, with some original features added to it. Quite a risk, especially for an Indi-game, as you need a good sense of humor and also a ton of it, in order to make this game a success.

Reasoning behind that lies within the design of the game. Each NPC you talk to and every element you come across has a 'funny' touch to it. Many are very stereotypical, and some have a depth but funny added layer to it. As I side however, someone most have a good sense of humor to provide laughter at not annoyance every time you come across something.

That being said, I don't approve the design. Some jokes are straight out not funny, dull or repetitive. That's a real shame, as there is some really funny and well thought out jokes and elements present as well. Of course a big team could have brought more inspiration, generally that extra what could have made this game a huge hit.

Some elements, however, are indeed very innovative. Right off the bat, you have an ugly and not even playable game. You cannot jump, only move in one direction and even the sound is missing. As you progress in the game, you can unlock these features by buying DLC. No not to worry, you buy these DLC 'packs' with in-game coins you collect throughout the game. This part of the game is technical masterpiece, as the amount of coins you have available at a certain point in the game always makes it so you the correct DLC needed at a certain point.

This can also be seen as a con though, as you do not have the freedom to unlock DLC in your desired way. The DLC unlocks features such as jumping, double-jumping, fighting, receiving new guns, etc. The list goes on and on. Obviously the maker wanted to make a statement to the gaming industry with this; as a game has to much DLC nowadays and is barely playable without buying DLC.

On that note I must disagree, as this game overreacts it absurdly. Of course no problem as it only adds to the fun and funny-factor of the game. Still, the topic is not as relevant and correct in general, which does more or less decrease the enjoyment for me. It's easy to criticize, and especially to falsely do so. Although I must add this game contains a lot of stereotypes and other defects of games in a funny way and in an excellent way. Still, a different gaming industry-topic might have been better to mock.

I stated earlier that the game plays in 2D. That being said, the graphics looks very basic and not very decorative. It is quite colorful though, which still makes it very enjoyable. The game seems to be inspired a lot by the Pokémon games, as the NPC's have similar speeches and requests, and the game overall looks and plays a lot like the Pokémon games.

The environments does look very diverse and thus fresh. On top of that, the player can go right, left, up and down within the environment. In these places there are also quite some Easter Eggs, which makes exploring those caves that much more fun.

As I mentioned at the start, this game should not be labeled as an action game. The reason for this is that the action is close to non-existent. The game centers around the story and funny phrases and events. And even though you have a sword, and later on a gun, you will not end up using them a lot. To tell the truth, I only killed a tree, a sheep and a troll.

DLC Quest tries to innovate, send a message and be funny at the same time. Quite a task for an indie-game. Perhaps to big of a task, as the game can become slightly repetitive, is quite short and sometimes isn't funny. 

At the same time the topic might've not been the right one, as it's hard to make it funny, interesting and the criticism presented in the game is not entirely right. A broader topic might have tackled repetitiveness and might have been funnier.

The game does have some innovative elements however, and most parts of the game are very fun(ny). It can make you laugh or angry (at the gaming-industry, or the game) and the conversations between NPC's are sometimes hilarious. The innovation does have boundaries though, as the game looks a lot like Pokémon for example, and collecting coins the whole game also stays fun until a certain point.


All in all, the idea of DLC Quest was great, but it could have been executed better. Nevertheless, this game is worth a try.

The horse had no use in the game, apart from consuming horse armor DLC