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Even after 10 years of the release date,this game fascinate me so much.I've never played game like this in my entire gaming career.I've  finnished it many times,and I still play it.

It's an really cool game,has decent graphics for an 10 years old.The game is full of Hitler references.If you never played this game,and you are lover of first person shooter genre,then I highly recommend it.

The only thing,I reproach,is that game is not very long.It would be much funnier and better,If they made a game little longer.I mean,it's not very short neither very long,it's a mediocore.

My favourite part of the game is,when you fight against vampires,those with axes in their hands,also I like when mummies come out from the walls.I used to be afraid,when I played this game for the first time.I've played it with the light turned off,and speaker sound enhanced,and listening to their scary screaming.That was a very good feeling,I felt just like I'm in the game.

Another good part of the game,is fighting against robots,it was a  very funny when you were  persecuted of vampires,robots and soldiers,all together.

Last mission,fighting against Heinrich I,is the best and hardest mission in the game.I mean,it would be stupid,if the last mission was the easiest and shortest.In last mission,you have to defeat a Lord of Vampires,and all kinds of the creatures in the game.It's not easy at all to kill him.He's equiped with a very long sword,which can rip you off,in just one hit.Depends if he hits you good,lol,but avoid as much as you can,the touch of the damn sword.He's also calling for some help,for more vampires and mummies,which make harder for you to focus on the main boss,you will have first to fight the vampires,then you will be able to reach Heinrich I.I recommend you to use a machine gun for him,get as much ammo as you can for machine gun,because it's one of the strongest weapons in the game.

The only thing,that I didn't like for this game is multiplayer mode.I mean it's not very bad,but it's very hard to kill the enemy,also hard to target it,not much player as well.

Well,that was my own quick opinion of this game.I could write much more for this game,because there is a lot to write of this game,but unfortunately,I don't have much time for it now.

As an fan of this game,I will give it strong 10!