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Did you ever played this game? For one who didn't play,and who doesn't know about this game.Clive Barkers Undying is an horror - first person shooter game which was released 12 years ago (pretty old,huh?):)

Well the story begins,in 1923,when main protagonist Patrick Galloway recieves a letter from and old friend,to come and to investigate the house where he lives.Because It's a full of werewolfes and ghosts,and your mission is to find them and eliminate them.On the begining you have only Gel Ziabar Stone and magnum,with some bullets,then later,you get other kinds of weapons,which are stronger and a lot better,with unlimited ammo.

What I like about  this game,is,i'ts a very scary,I don't know for others,but for me it's a quite good old horror game.Graphics is actually pretty cool for it's release date,I mean it's better then some games that are released in 2010.Also another stuff I like about this game is intro music.Very good intro music while in menu,and enough scary.

The things I don't like in this game are: Much loadings,shortage,and not many different enemies.There are 3-4 kinds of enemies,werewolfes.civilian,skeletons and ones monsters that come out from the ground,don't know properly their name.

I still have it in my comp,sometimes a play it,i finnished it 4x.

I give rating for  this game 9.

Tell me your opinion,what do you think of this game?:D