Finally got my hands-on copy of the game. and let me tell you, IT IS AWESOME. if you are tired of your average fps, this is really something refreshing.. i will cover 4 aspects of the game here. the story, the environment, the mechanics and overall verdict. 


Its a typical 1980s Sci-Fi thriller.. it plays out much like a movie. you are a supreme breed of bionic commando and are "reborn" through texhnology after the world is struck by a devastating radioactive hazard. you are sent on a mission to save the world! the dialogues and voice overs are excellently written and performed and give you that cheesyness you can expect from such a game! 


flashes, neon, colors and beams... taht pretty much sums it up. what was "predicted" to be the future in the 1980s is the setting of fc3: BL... and it works well. the guns try very hard to be "tech-ey" and the buildings and sounds are straight from a VHS movie! the score is also very enthusiastic, setting your mood for a thriller adventure into the alternate history-future as i call it lol..




the mechanics used are pretty much farcry 3! hence the name... you pillage for items, you cary syinges and heal yourself, you drive cars, you climb on those ropes that were left for you by the gods! so yeah, if you liked farcry, you wil love this!

My final verdict of the game is that its one of the best stand alone expansions out there.. if you dont like farcry, you can still enjoy this as the main theme is much more colorful and less serious! there is no relation of the game with the original farcry . you will spend hours exploring and exploiting the enemies! its not nearly as long as teh original, but if played in detail (as i do) it can easily suck up alot of your time! I rate it a 8.5/10. ;)