Company of Heroes 2
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The cold and snow will cause major problems.

      The story of World War II continues the 25-June-2013. when the Company of Heroes 2 should be released . Developed by Relic Entertainment and will use the Essence 3.0 game engine, and according to THQ should therefore make a new technology in the progress of the game . This game will be publish by Sega , only for PC because this is real-time strategy game .
      First Company of Heres game was first published 29-September-2006. which had great graphics performance and excellent AI with pretty interesting story that took place in the territory of France (Normandy) . The first expansion Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts was released in 24-September-2007. to introduce two new factions: the British and the German Panzer Elite as with Able Company and Fox Company from the first game made a great hit . Because you can choose any of the four armies to play in multiplayer . The second expansion for the CoH is Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, which was released in 8-April-2009.


      In the game you should manage with the Soviet Red Army as a new faction, and that should take as  into battles on Eastern Front ( Russia) . Weather conditions will be a major factor in the game. Becouse many battles on the Eastern Front was in the winter time, the troops will be able to die from frost if caught in the open during a blizzard. Movement through deep snow will be drastically reduced speed the troops around the map.  


      Essence 3.0 Engine – Cutting-edge technology enhances the impact of deadly combat with the unprecedented TrueSight line of sight system and the ultrarealistic ColdTech dynamic weather technology.

  • TrueSight - is the new line-of-sight technology, which aims to better emulate troop visibility in real combat. In contrast with traditional unit visibility, TrueSight more accurately represents a unit's visibility range based on environmental conditions and type of unit.
  • ColdTech - is an ‘extreme cold’ mechanic which accurately encapsulates the Soviet winter which reached extremes of -40 degrees F in 1941. At those temperatures human skin will freeze in a matter of minutes, something that is portrayed in the game. On winter maps, Infantry units exposed to the bitter cold will gradually freeze to death unless the player keeps them warm by building fires and garrisoning them in buildings. Dynamic blizzards will increase the effects of extreme cold making it even more hazardous to leave infantry in the open.


     Check out the new Company of Heroes 2 "Motherland" Mini-Series, featuring never-before-seen gameplay footage! Witness the struggles of the Red Army as they fight on the brutal frozen frontlines of Mother Russia to stop the invading Nazi regime. Feel the brutality and scale of warfare through three different episodes that reimagine the conflict that claimed more than 30 million lives .

      In Episode #1, witness the Blitzkrieg Offensive as The Nazi horde heads east into the heart of Russia pillaging everything in its path. Violating a peace treaty that turns two of the most cruel leaders of all time into mortal enemies. An epic clash of ideologies that quickly turns into the most gruesome and costly theater of war ever.


CoH 2 will look great in Essence 3.0 Engine.