Age of Mythology
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Probably the best real time strategy game created so far,at least for me,of course some of you will not agree with me,but that's my opinion.I played this game so many times,and I still play it,but this time multiplayer on Voobly.

Like in almost all strategies,your main goal is to find your enemies and destroy their millitary,then all other buildings and an most important which decides a victory,is Town Center.You must keep your town center,you can't lost it,if you lost it,it's end for you.

Game consists of 32 missions and has an extension which is age of mythology the titans.

There are four ages to advance in the game,archaic,classical,heoric and the advance to classical you need to make temple and  to have 400 resources of food,to advance to heroic,you need 800 resources of food and 500 gold,also you must bulild armory first of all and to pass through mythic,you must build market and have 1000 food and 1000 gold resources.Now I will tell you an tactic,to quickly advance and attack your enemies,this is mainly important for multiplayer.First make sure you  advance to classical in the period of 5-7 minutes,if you pass 7 min and you didn't advance,you are most likely screwed.So put as much villagers as you can on the food on the begining.Put at least 10 villagers on the food,to gain resoruces faster and to be able to age up.While you're in classical create an archery range or stable,and make a few warriors,and just send them to interupt your enemy.You need to save resources resources to age up to heoric,once in heroic create a Fort and make petrobolos(Catapults) and you're ready for an attack.

In this game,there are three civilizations:greeks,egyptians and nords.Also each civilization has three gods.Greeks have Zeus,Poseidon and Hades,egyptians have Ra, Set and Isis and nords have Odin ,Loki and Thor.I personally like to play with greeks,especially with Zeus,he has cheapiest army and best god powers,like lighting storm,restoration,bolt and bronze.

This game is really cool and I give rating 10.