Fifa 14
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     As it was announced, EA Sports today announced a new installment FIFA series, which will appear for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

     Of course, FIFA will appear in next-gen consoles, but the announcement will wait for some more time . The main novelty in FIFA 14 is the Pure Shot, a technology that promises to dramatically improve the reality of shots due to better ball physics and a better simulation of the contact between the ball and the player. Artificial intelligence has been improved in the sense that your teammates on offense that better exploit the weaknesses of the defense while the other defenders better observed from a teammate which should help.

     Career is enhanced through Scouting Network, which now allows more detailed monitoring and talents worldwide interface is polished so that navigation is simple. About online features for now I do not talk much, except that the heart of the system will again be EA Sports Football Club. Among other things mentioned already that the game is again about 500 licensed teams and the FIFA Ultimate Team changed. Nothing spectacular, you would agree, but this is only a fraction of the information that is revealed to us.

     The first two videos from the game FIFA 14 you can see here : video 1 and video 2

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