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The family.

Forget Omerta City of Gangsters, this is where it's all at. Mafia is probably the best mobster game out there, even though it's a 11 year old game already. The game perfectly depicts the 1930s gangster life, with a modern twist.




The story starts off with you being a low-income cab driver named Thomas Angelo. All of a sudden while having a small coffee break, you hear a car crash, from wich 2 wounded gangsters come out,who are being chased by other gangsters. They then get into Tommy's cab, forcing him to drive them to safety. After saving them, they offer you a position in their gangster family (who's head boss is named "Don Salieri"), to work for them in future. I don't wanna spoil the story anymore further.


The gameplay is amazing, you really feel like you belong to a secret and powerful organization that runs the entire city. There's lots of driving around, sneaking missions, and lot's of action. The action set pieces are just wonderfully presented, the music is intense, and it's overall a very cinematic experience. I notice the developers have taken inspiration from many good mobster movies like Goodfellas (1990) for example. The game is also very brutal. While not in missions, you can free roam around in the city. This is one of the very first "GTA" games that i think Rockstar also owes a bit credit too. There's not really much to do in the city, other than driving around, and just looking at different locations, but it's still cool. The game is also very realistic. Cops will stop you and fine you if you drive pass the driving limit. This is great cause the game forces you to "role-play" a little bit more.


The sound is great. The voice acting is perfect, and probably the best thing in the entire game. These characters have depth, and really great persona's. You can tell these voice actors were totally 100% in their roles. The guns, cars and other sound great as well.


Graphics...Are still kinda good to be honest for being a 2002 game, especially every setting's cranked to the max. This game is 2002's "Crysis" graphics, they are that good.


Overall i think this is a game that needs to be experienced, even if mobster games don't interest you so much. The story has to be experienced, it's very well written, the game's ending is very breathtaking.I almost have no cons to write about this game, because it's just a perfect package...But i have to mention that you do drive the car a lot, and that can be a little too teasing. The great thing also about this is that you don't need a powerful computer at all, to run the game at max settings. You don't always have to upgrade your PC constantly like they tell you, because you can still play old games, which is just great right?

The game unfortunately isn't in steam. But if you can get it from somewhere (Probably it'll be very cheap), then you'd be a fool not to buy it. I highly recommend this game. I will remember this game for the rest of my life.

The action is intense.