Dirt 2
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This is how dirty it is

          Racing games haven't always been my passion, but there are those few like this one, which catch my attention. So here I am writing a review for this exceptionally good game. Dirt 2 is an awesome racing game by Codemasters which gives you a realistic racing experience, be it On road or Off road. 

    The game gives you pure racing experience, but there is no particular story to begin with. Your main aim is to beat the races and become the Best Dirt Racer ever. And definitely it will not be as simple as it sounds. You will start your racing carrier at London and as you keep winning, you will gain experience and Level Up. As you level up, you will unlock lots of new locations and cars and other bunch of stuff. There are many wonderful locations like Baja, Morocco, China, Japan, LA and many more. The Sceneries are Beautiful, which is the icing on the cake. 

    There are lots of races and some major events like X Games Europe, where the world's best racers take part. But the races can get repetitive, which might bore you at times. As you make a name for yourself, some of the best racers will come to know you and they will become your Buddies. The more Races you win, the more respect you earn. One of the best things I liked about the game is that you can rewind the race whenever you crash or make a mistake. So the game gives ample opportunities to correct yourself, whenever its necessary.

 There are lots of different cars to choose for your ride, which you can buy after earning some cash. But one thing the game lacked is Car Customization. You cannot customize your car as you want, but it isn't such a blow to the game as you focus more on the races than your cars.

    Racing isn't always as much fun as its supposed to be if the graphics are not so good. Well this game Delivers an exceptionally good graphics and details. From a beautiful sun set to a wrecked car, the graphics are awesome. At the finish line, it will not always be the same car you chose at the beginning. After a Bumpy ride your car will not be the same due to the damages. The damages are realistic and the details are very good. And sound of the burning tires will enhance your thirst for some pure racing. I also liked the Magazine type theme of the game, which makes it somewhat special.

   The multiplayer racing experience will give you a chance to test your skills against others. But what I really liked is the Co-op with my friends, which is much more fun than other races. 


   So to make it simple, Dirt 2 gives you a whole new experience of Dirt Racing with lots of races and new locations. It also has awesome graphics and great details which keeps your racing spirit going. But repetitive races and lack of car customization are the only drawbacks of the game. If Racing is your Passion, then this game is just what the doctor ordered. So what are you waiting for? Go and Get Dirty!