Shift 2: Unleashed
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This is the new camera.

So,I was walking home from a friend with a game in my hands,wondering,why did he say that it sucks and he wants to give it to me.Well,me being a gentleman,took it away with all my pleasure and went home to test it.What happened,has left me unconcious.

  • The story,if you can call it like that,wants you to do all sorts of races on quite a huge variety of tracks.You got the good old races,a few hot laps,a few drift races and some time attacks.The tracks are very detailed,but there are a few bugs and glitches that simply steal away textures or shadows,but they only last for a few seconds.All you have to do in the whole game is to play hard and reach the GT3 races,which i haven't yet reached but I will soon.

  • The graphics,well,let's say it isn't bad but it isn't awesome either.Especially because of those glitches I told you about.But the cars do look absolutely gorgeous,the details of the inside of the cars are very well made.I really loved playing inside,rather then outside like in UG2.But of course,UG2 is UG2 :)
  • The multiplayer,which I didn't try because of my internet,again,is supposed to be very good,mostly because of the big variety of tracks and cars.Now I do know that it must be fun since there must be quite a lot of passionate players out there.I might try it when my internet will work normally,who knows?

    The game has a lot of new stuff compared to the first game.You got the night time for races,which adds a lot more difficulty to the tracks,a new camera that is shown in one of the screenshots,a nicer tunning system and a few more cars.

    But,and this made me lower the games rating by 1 point,the game has a lot of bugs and problems.It took me 2 hours to manage to use my wheel because the game runned with 1-4 fps with it.The problem was the force feedback,so I had to try and find a solution to it.But I found something after a long search.

    So,the game isn't bad.It has a couple of nice things and a few bag ones.I do recommend playing it,mostly if you love to use wheels in racing games.But if you want to play with a keyboard,then forget about it,it sucks with it.
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