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My Dads Dusty Old Garage.

    If you're a gamer, you ever think to be a game developer? Well, if you had but you can't make it real you should be a Game front of your Monitor and keyboard. Game Dev Tycoon is a game that suited for you who always want to feel to be game developers that create AAA games, have thousands of fans scattered in the surface of the earth who makes you as their idol and riding a expensive car from your home and your studio. But reality will always different from our dream and thought, In here i will tell you my experience on Game Dev Tycoon demo version that i download not for long ago.

    Okay, Game Dev Tycoon is a business simulation like other Tycoons games. You start with a window pop up asking what your company name will be, Then i got to think for a while for my company name and all the sudden, I type on keyboard "Garage Inc" well, this name is'nt smell as a Developer's name in fact, it is like a Bicycle repair and service and this because my first game studio was a dirty-green walled, concrete floored garage with 1980s car covered in dusty tarpaulin with one computer and i was hoping i would success like Bill Gates from this garage. Once i establish my own studio, within seconds i was developing a game for my further step. 

    The game's had 4 elements to watch out for: Bugs, Technology, Design and Research. Bugs, Technology and Design was vital for our game feature the larger amounts of bugs in your game, the badder your game's review, those elements affect most of score when our developed game released and Research is important for the company's career. With Research elements you can built new game engine, research more topics and gameplay to choose from.

    My first game i was developed was a Military Simulation, called it [Armed] yes, yes i know what you guys thinking, its a lousy rip-off of real-world ArmA series of my own. when [Armed] development were finished by focusing on game engine and graphics attribute, it was a total success for my first step, and it was a small step for me, but it is a giant leap for my company. This game had it own score giver along with the name for those gaming media who reviewed and score the game, my [Armed] was scored 5 by Star Games, 8 by Informed Gamer, 7 by Game Hero and 5 by All Game. it was better than my expectation on 3,3,3,3 score on my first game, especially got a 8 is pretty good for my first step.

    After succeeding on my debut, my next objective was building my own game engine, but to do that i need to work some contracts to earn more research points or even develop game to get research points. After getting sufficient Research point, i'm finally building my own 2D engine with 120K budget and i named it, Dechyper's Engine. yeah, that might suit it. With new game engine I'm ready to build new project, lets call my Space themed RPG gameplay, Mess Effect. This time I've focus on gameplay and Quest by choosing this i Will definitely built perfect Mass Effect rip-off and have moderate score like i was expected: 5,6,5,6.

    5 years had passed being a virtual game developer in this game creating winning and some faildogs games and sequels, it is because what i review is a demo version. I can't review much detailed as the full version, but this game really gives it uniqueness I mean, being a game developer? Now that's a gamer's Tycoon game.

    To summarize, Game Dev Tycoon is a good and enjoyable game for both low end and high end PC users because its 2D game style with casual look the game fits for most ages, young and old, it is a pretty much enjoyable tycoon game for me and like i said before, because my limitation to play and review the demo, i still has'nt feels 100% of this game yet so, it is not my final opinion about the game.


First Experiment Was Not So Bad.