Bioshock Infinite
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The great prophet

               Bioshock 1 was my favourite game back at the day,I spent hours and hours with this game,I must have finished it like 3-4 times it was my all time favourite game untill Far Cry 3 came out.So of course I was very excited when I saw a trailer for the new bioshock but I didnt like the fact that the game would not take place in Rapture and I wasn't really  liking the whole sky city concept,but shortly after I saw some gameplay footage I changed my mind.

                So lets clear something out from the beginning,does Bioshock infinite stand up to our expectations ?.In my opinion,it is more than we expected,for me one of the best,if not the best game of this decade,you will absolutely love this game if you are a Bioshock enthusiast but even if you are not you will have a helluva time.

             Firstly, lest start with the basics.The game takes place in 1912,in the beautiful city of Columbia,a floating city in the sky.A city which has its own way of life,a city entirely different from any other city in the world.In Columbia the white race has the upper hand,African Americans,Asians and the poor are mostly enslaved and those who aren't fight for the Vox populi,a group of people who is against Zachary Comstock,the great prophet of  Columbia and the main antagonist of the game,who is worshiped as a god.You play as Booker Dewitt,a private intestigator and former Pinkerton agent whose mission is to find an imprisoned girl in Columbia and bring her back to New York,in order to erase some gambling debts.However things are not as easy as they seem,because the girl is said to be the "future" of Columbia, so she is being locked inside a huge tower protected by the song bird.Comstock's prophecies said that the false shepard will come and take this girl away and that  this false shepard would be recognized by a brand on his hand,apparently you are this false shepard and the entire city wants to kill  you.When you find the girl,you help her escape the tower and promise  to take her to paris,that is the reason the girl follows you at least initially throughout the game.The girls name is Elizabeth and she will be your companion for almost the entire game.This is roughly Bioshock's story,unfortunately I cannot reveal more because I will spoil the entire game,the only thing that I can tell is that the story has many twists.

              Secondly,I would like to talk about the gameplay.For those who know nothing about the series,Bioshock is a First Person Shooter game.The combat system is similar to the previous games,you can carry only two weapons and you can use 8 different vigors which are basically the same thing as Plasmids in Bioshock 1 and 2.You have Bucking Bronco which levitates enemies,Charge which makes Booker ram his enemies from a great distance,Devil's Kiss which throws a flaming projectile that explodes,Murder of crow's which releases a murder of crow's onto your target,Possession which turns any machine or human into an ally,Return to sender which creates a temporary shield,Shock jockey which basically was in the previous games and Undertow which throws away your target.There are also some new enemies like Firemen,Motorized Patriots,Zealots of the lady,Sirens,boys of silence and finally the henchman who is actually the replacement of the Big Daddy.This time you have a partner in Bioshock,Elizabeth who apparently plays a major role in the story of this game.Elizabeth is the best partner I have ever seen in a game.Its not just some stupid AI that dies every 2 minutes,Elizabeth actually helps you,she supplies you with ammo,health and salts and also opens tears to other dimensions that create cover,turrers or medkit packs.You will never see her as a burden as she never dies causing you to play a level 100 times just because of a stupid AI.

             Finally I would like to talk about the graphics.Bioshock uses Unreal Engine 3,a good but slightly outdated engine.However the graphics in Bioshock are fantastic,every single character looks good and Columbia is just gorgeous to look at,the level designers certainly did a great job,the only thing I did not like about the graphics is that there were many sharp edges in round objects,which is not that serious but still,I think that they should have done something about it.The audio and voice acting are remarkably good which makes the whole experience a lot better.

            Overall Bioshock is a fantastic game,even better than the first one,the story is a little complicated especially in the end but thats the magic of Bioshock, it actually makes you  think,also concerning gameplay Bioshock  is great, I only wish that there would be more stealth but even that way Bioshock is great.So to summarize Bioshock for me is the one and only game that deservers a solid 10/10

Thank you for reading and I hope you found my review interesting.If you wish share your experience of Bioshock in the comment section :)