Dead Island Riptide
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New character sort of look like wolverine

                       When I first saw the trailer for Dead Island 1 back in 2010,I was very excited.Dead Island's trailer was and might still be the best trailer I have ever seen,so I was really looking forward to playing  the game,then second trailer came out even better,the music gave me chills.I have been waiting for almost a year for that game,I was so interested in it that I must have seen every zombie apocalypse movie that was out back then.The big day finally arrived,I stepped into the store,gave the money to the cashier and then I went to home as fast as I could so that I could install it.The setup took almost 25-30 minutes but it seemed as 30 years to me.Finally after a lot of waiting the game was installed,I dubble clicked the shortcut and then ........DISAPPOINTMENT.I thought that Dead Island would be a zombie survival game that would actually touch your soul,I thought that you would have to make tough decisions that would affect the game.In a few words I expected Dead Island to be an Emotional,more "realistic" zombie game than other games.I cant say that I didnt like it but I was disappointed,so when I say the trailer of Dead Island Riptide I decided not to do the same mistake again.The trailer was similar to Dead Island's,a couple trapped inside a boat,surrounded by zombies,sad music on the backround and after they say to each other "I love you" BOOOOOOOMM they decided to suicide because they thought it was better than being eaten alive by a zombie,I liked the trailer but I wasnt fascinated,because I knew that Dead Island would be the same c**p the 1st one was,I didnt even want to buy it,but one day I said what the hell and I bought it.I have to say I was surprised.

                         Ok the story.The story continues from where its left in DI.You get a chopper to escpace Banoi,you are almost out of fuel and you land on a military ship where you are captured by a man whose name is Frank Sherpo.You are experimented by scientists and after you wake up you find John Morgan an ex military guy who is a new playable character in DI:R.The ship is wrecked on the Island of Palanoi where you find more survivors and with them you try to escape this island because it is about to get nuked,and that pretty much concludes the story.As you can see the story is not that interesting but again I didnt expect much as Dead Island 1 had a not so great story aswell.The characters are still the same except one  new addition,John Morgan,an ex military guy,you can either import your Dead Island 1 character or start with John from level 15.The skill are basically the same in Dead Island except 2-3 additions,there are very few new weapons and  a few new weapon mods,besides that there is nothing new in Dead Island:Riptide,the graphics are the same the combat system is not improved at all and the facial animations can be only described as rubbish.However,besides that the game has more flaws than improvements,I dont know why but I think I like it very much.It's not that I like te story or anything but actually Dead Island is fun.Bioshock is a great game my favorite game ever its the only game for me that deserves a 10/10,still I believe I had more fun in Dead Island.Its not that I like more than Bioshock for Pete's sake that would be blasphemy,but actually sometime you cant always eat a pasta primavera(Bioshock) sometimes you have to eat burgers and french fries(Dead Island).In bioshock I played for the amazing story and combat system,in Dead Island I dont care about the story I just want to kill some zombies thats all.

                            Finally I would like to talk about the audio in Dead Island:Riptide.The music is simply great,you have some great sad scores when they are needed and some 70's George Romero style music when you slash zombies.The voice acting on the otherhand is not that good,its like the actors went to the studio on a Summer Sunday evening,they just didnt do a very good job.

                             Overall Dead Island is a pretty descent game,that has descent graphics and a lengthy campaing.I hope that the next Dead Island is better and that the dev team learns a few things from their mistake because on paper DI has a lot of potential.

Fight for survival