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Ly, the fairy


Rayman 2 is the game released by Ubisoft in 2000. The main character, Rayman, has no legs, no arms but is a fighter! Let's find out..


In Rayman 2, the story tells us about the invasion of Robot Pirates lead by Admiral Razorbeard. The game begins with the cell were Globox, Rayman's good friend, and him are imprisoned, on the Robot Pirates ship. Globox gives him some powers, in order to escape, through silver lum, given to him by Ly. After they manage to escape, Globox and Rayman are separated. Oh, i forgot to tell that the plot is set in Glade of Dreams, which appears to be a world were both good dreams and bad dreams of Rayman encounters. Rayman finds out that in order to stop the robo-pirates, he must awake Polokus, an ancient spirit, with 4 magic masks. Polokus will give him enough power to stop the pirates. Other characters in game are: Ly, the fairy, Uglette, wife of Globox, Clark, another good friend of Rayman, and many others.


In Rayman 2, the player solves puzzles, collects silver lums and "navigates through a mostly linear sequence of levels" (Wikipedia). The main weapon is.. the fist of Rayman, which shots energy orbs in enemies. Later the game, abilities like shooting orbs when counters enemy's attack, charge the power of the energy orbs can be unlocked. The most funny thing is the fact that you can fly with Rayman's hair. Other things that Rayman can use are explosive barrels, a bounce thing looking like a strawberry and other things. Also, if you break all the cages and collect all lums in a level, earns you a Bonus Level, where Globox's children races against a pirate, which  is another funny thing. The only thing bad is that the camera angles aren't so good and are buggy.


The first game was in 2D, now is in 3D. For 2000, it has beautiful colors and smooth graphics, which makes the game to look awesome. Can't say so much for this part, so that's all.


Every character has it's own language, which is pretty hilarious. The sound in this game has a positive effect, with nice soundtrack and some special effects like Globox's Rain Dance.


This game is fun. It was my childhood game and I'm going to play it again right now. All I can say is that if you haven't played this, get it, cause you won't regret it. As I said, the only thing bad is the camera angle, but all the other stuff, characters and story, are making this game perfect. Enjoy!

Globoxs child