Jazz Jackrabbit 2
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Some of the Game Modes.

Haha. Jazz Jackrabbit 2.. A funny game.. I'm going to talk about it, but short, since it's not so much to tell:


Well, with no story (maybe, "Jazz chases Devan Shell through time, in order to retrieve the ring with which he planned to wed Eva"), I'll go straight to gameplay. Well, there are 2 characters Jazz and his brother Spaz. This game is kinda based on the story: "The Tortoise and the Hare". This game has both shooting and platform and it's a 2D game. What you need to do is get from a level to other, through some portals. There are many types of weapons, from bows to fire throwers, with infinite ammo. A new thing is added called Jazz Creation Station, a level editor. It has 6 different chapters and 9 bosses. There is multiplayer mode: 4 players splitscreen mode and 32 players online mode. Nothing to say about the sound, since there are like 6-7 sounds in the game. It's similar to 3 different games: Sonic the HedgehogEarthworm Jim and Planet Heck.


There are 3 different characters and 2 NPCs:

  • Jazz Jackrabbit -  main character; his weapon is blue; special abillity is that he can transform his ears into helicopter-ears (later used by Rayman).
  • Spaz Slackrabbit  -  brother of Jazz and Lori; his weapon is green; special abillity is the double jump.
  • Lori Jackrabbit - sister of Jazz and Lori; no weapon; special abillity is dashing through enemies/obstacles
  • Eva Earlong - future wife of Jazz; NPC
  • Devan Shell - the bad guy; NPC


Awesome and funny game. I mean,  there is nothing bad about this game. Nothing! It's just funny, you can play it with your friends, different weapons, characters, nice "story". Perfect game! If you haven't played it, go, do it now!

Lori, sister of Jazz and Spaz.