Titan Quest: Gold
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A full set from Titan Quest.


Titan Quest is an RPG released by THQ in 2006. Well, i can't say so much in a preview, you should read my review about it.


You take control of a hero which begin as a "peasant". There are three worlds: Anicient Greece, Ancient Egypt and Asia (Silk Road), each one contains mythological monsters. Well, you'll see some Age of Mythology elements, since one of the man that created this game is Brian Sullivan, AoE/AoM co-creator. Nice is that bosses/mini-bosses are pretty hard to battle, which makes the game a little more realistic. The story is based on communication between humans and gods, which ended after humans broke some god rules. Each region have it's own boss, and in the end, the boss is the titan Typhon. In the game you'll meet General Leonidas, leader of the Spartans and you'll travel to Delphi oracle and other ancient-mythological things. The monsters are from automatons to harpies and so on. Another nice thing is the teleporter, which makes you travel from a zone to other. The bad things are: bad inventory (it's inorganizable and has some bugs), often freezes (fixed with the expansion Immortal Throne) and slow perfomance.


Nothing to say so much. Accepts 2-6 players on LAN/Internet. It's just like the singleplayer, but with a PvP style.


Not that bad, still music should have been improved and voice actings are, meh, ok..

Immortal Throne Expansion:

Well, this was a big add, which fixed a lot of bugs. A new campaign was added, now player must travel to the underworld to battle Hades, the Greek god of death. Well, after this, users started to create mods and modifications to the game, such as adding skills to the items, difficulty or other quests. "Lilith" mod is the best, which gives new gameplay elements, a new world to explore, with new quests and monsters and many other things.


Well, it's not a bad game, still, has it's own problems. Good is that they fixed the bugs with the expansion. It's a hard game, judging by the mini-bosses/bosses, but a "fun" game, judging by the quests. I suggest you play this game, it's not that bad. I'll rate this game for the first one, and pros and cons, 8.5 and for the the expansion 9.


One of the zones in Campaign Mode.