Dont Starve
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burn, baby...BURRRRNN..!!

I thought when I first saw this game at my friend's PC, this is the kind of game Harvest Moon. But I was wrong. perhaps the idea of the game itself is formed from a variety of game concepts that never existed before, but all of them united into one solid game, called Dont Starve.

This game on one side looks like Minecraft, with free roaming and its survival stuff. but on the one hand, I think this game takes the concept of Harvest Moon farming, but in a positive sense, it's not a plagiarism, it's an innovation.

dont Starve is a very simple game, but also very complicated, why? because in there is a lesson in doing something. and in doing something that should be gradually, not instantly.

first time playing, dont Starve not tell any tutorial on the player, the player is only given a user interface whose contents are items needed and how to make the stuff.

the core of this game is trial and error, when we start playing the first or surely we will die, but after we learned of what makes us survive, maybe we will be able to make a perfect strategy to survive forever.

i feel like I'm on the Wonderland when i play this games, and I'm also feel I'm watching a Tim Burton movie, Because of the gothic look. The graphic itself is unique, the character is drawn-by-hand-sketch-like.

when you first play this game, you'll only can play as Wilson, The Johnny Depp-like character who is a gentleman Scientist, but when u leveling up after beaten a level, or die in a level, u will unlock various character, there's a total of 7 character you can unlock, each of the character has an unique ability.

The mixing sound in the game is very amazing, a little gothic and mystery like. The music is also very iconic on my perspective, like the opening music on the main menu.

The gameplay of this game is also very simple, just point and click with your mouse, however you also can use your keyboard for hotkey. point and click to gather resources, to attack an enemy, to interact with environment.

Often however this game feels repetitive, why? Because if you die, you must be starting over again from nothing, and it's very boring stuff to do if it happens often. but it is also fun in the other side.

so in my opinion, dont Starve game is one game from a variety of successful ideas are put together. dont Starve is not a typical survival games, even though it is not all original idea, but it's has an innovation in own way. it's very addictive and compelling gameplay will make you forget about your life in your world. for $ 15? it's very worth it. but if you want to try it first, you can have it on the chrome store. and this game is available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

hmm...Back to NAture, i think??