A police blockade. Not a good choice, you bad boy!


Released by EA in 2005 this game introduced some nice features such as environmental contact and (re)introduced police in some moments. Let’s find out..


It’s a game based on street racing. For the first time, nitro refills automatically, which make races more realistic. Now races take place between day and night, sunrise and sunset (in Underground 2, races only take place at night). Well, nothing to say so much, events take place in Rockport, in 3 regions of it.. A nice thing is Environmental Contact, which was updated, now with bigger things, like “water tower”. Pursuit Mode is improved too, with police chasing you through city, now with blockades of cars, new system of escaping and many other. The story is about Blacklist 15, in which you must beat 15 other race drivers, in order to beat Carrer Mode. In game modes are: Carrer, Challenge, Quick Race, Drag Race, Circuit Race, Sprint Race and Lap Knockout Race. In game, you’ll see some real restaurant/shops names like Burger King or Castrol Oil. Cars are from Cadillac to Audi, from Porsche to Lamborghini, from street cars to exotic cars.


What can I say about a sound in a racing game? It’s good, for a racing game. 26 songs are in the OST of this game, most of them hip-hop and techno music. About sound in-game, well, you’ll hear sounds that a car is making, contact with other cars/environmental.. Nothing to say so much.


4 players max can compete in 4 different multiplayer modes. In 2011, EA decided that Multiplayer Lobby needs to be shut down. Still, you can play the game, with specific multiplayer programs (Tungle, GameRanger).


Well, a nice NFS game, a nice racing game. It’s one of my favourite, still, bugs and freezes are easily visible, but that’s not a problem. This is my first racing game that I review, so I won’t say it’s such nice review, still, I made it. I won’t review Underground 2, as I said, but you can buy it and play it, cause it’s not a bad game, but at some points you’ll get bored. So, for NFS MW, is another badass gane from EA, in racing genre, so, play it. Have fun!

Ford Mustang, a nice car in this game.