Minecraft, the seemingly endless virtual playground

Written by intelgamer910 on Sun, May 5, 2013 8:52 PM
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Minecraft, the seemingly endless virtual playground

I have been observing Game-Debate for quite a while, mostly trying to see which games my not-so-good Intel Chipset will run. Today I finally decided to spend my leisure time doing something productive and am trying my hand at writing reviews.

Considering my budget and PC, I obviously went for the less demanding games. one of my favourites is the legendary indie game Minecraft. It is definitely an enthralling experience, but like everything good, it has its flaws. It's strength , its sheer simplicity, is also its weakness.

Thanks to the endless freedom given to the players, anything is possible, you can build castles, dams, anything from a farm to a realistic model of the death star.

The game mechanics such as smelting and crafting are quite simple yet versatile,though the player is limited to the recipes made by the developers, they offer enough possibilities to keep it interesting. Enchanting is another interesting feature,  allowing us to improve our tools and weapons by using experience points.

Competitive gameplay, pvp and the vast online community makes for hours of captivating experience building complex defence systems or trying to navigate without falling into a lava pit. But for players like me, players who spend many consecutive hours playing, it lacks motivation, anything to make you keep playing.

*spoilers*After killing the ender dragon and trying to interpret the queer string of text at the end of the single player mode*spoilers end*, the game starts getting sort of reppetetive. You can do anything, but there is nothing to make you want to do anything.

What this needs is a system of achievements. I know they already have one, but they don't really mean anything. Though this is more of an unused potential than a weakness , unlocks or something similar may greatly increase the game's replayability

Thankfully the game is still updating and we can hope for the developers to add stuff. Plus the modding community is very active, constantly improving the game.

The good: Open world, absolute freedom. Vast online community, multitude of servers.

The bad: lacks the feeling of achievement or motivation.

Final verdict: Definitely worth buying. 9/10



  • Open world
  • Very simple
  • Active online community


  • Exceedingly simple
  • Nothing to motivate



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01:03 Jul-11-2013

Yeah I know when my friend gave me his minecraft login the first day was insane. It seemed like there was endless things to do. Then the second day i was bored after playing for 5 seconds

00:46 Jul-11-2013

I agree i played minecraft for about a month or two and i got bored maybe of there was a sort of achivement.I will take WoW for comparison beacause i played it for a lot of time and after i got my charecter maxed i starte doing achivement and it was very addicting.Of they implament a achivement system in minecraft like beat the game in XX days it will add that replayability that it need people will spend more hours of thinking seed and strategys to beat the game in the fastes time.
So i totaly agree with you.Mojang needs to add that motivation to the game so you can keep playing and get a