Plants Vs Zombies 2
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In a recent press conference PopCap revealed the date of release of Plants vs Zombies 2. The game is set to release for PC and MAC in july 2013. Later the game will be released for other platforms like Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, Nintendo DS etc.

After the first release, Popcap has taken a lot of time to prepare this one, almost 4 years. The game is a tower based defence game which is usually the favourite genre of many fellows.  The game is favourite of many people. This game is going to add a lot of new feature which will be soon disclosed by PopCap. This game will introduce many new characters including new plants and zombies. This game will have new sections and new shopping items. 

There are many rumours about the game requirements and the gameplay but nothing is officially released by PopCap. The requirements are expected to be released in a few weeks. 

The expected gameplay