Borderlands 2
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The cover

We all must be knowing about the new character or the sixth character in the Borderlands series: Krieg. Krieg is the the Psycho Bandit and will be released for the game on 14 May 2013, announced by Gearbox. The previous addition was done in October 2012.

Krieg the Psycho Bandit will be the most powerful player in the game. He is a high-risk melee brawler who equips a buzz axe to cut through the enemies. One of his main powers are that it has multi psychotic personalities. The character has three power trees-:

Mania: He takes damage more efficiently and strongly.

Hellborn: He becomes stronger as he is set on fire.

Bloodlust: He fights with his axe more strongly and do more damage.

This character will be only available in an additional purchase. It will not be available with the normal version of Borderslands 2. This will be available in $9.99 Psycho Pack and this is only a downloadable content.

The character screen