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In our recent news, we had published about the new bug, which was in the latest patch for Diablo 3. This issue was known to Blizzard and they have released a fix for this problem. The latest patch allowed players to duplicate gold in the auction house and they used this bug to generate billions of in-game currency within minutes.

Blizzard tried to be as fast as possible to release a fix for this bug as this ruined the joy of playing Diablo 3. They released the fix yesterday. Within hours of the bug release, the auction house came down and then Blizzard realized that it is very important to get the balance of the game back. An official post of Battle.net also said that gold trades were closed in the American region due to this bug. This bug created a lot of other problems for the company and players.

Many angry gamers called the Blizzard for a server rollback. Blizzard agreed but soon it realized that this should not be done because many few players were using the patch (containing bug) and the effects were limited to a single region only. Performing a full rollback might have resulted in a very severe way. It would impact the community in a greater way as it would require significant downtime and revert progress that legitimate players. So, indirectly this will lead to more anger in the players.

Now after the release of the fix, Blizzard has taken many steps to get the balance back. Blizzard has started to review player accounts that took advantage of the bug. They have said that the players who took advantage of this bug, their accounts might be suspended or temporary locked to access or even lead to banning of those players. They will also rollback the effected areas of the account. The one thing that is not done yet is the opening of auction house and gold trade. Blizzard does not have any estimated date for the opening of these sections.

Auction Screen Before Closing