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Arthas in Undead Campaign.


A new expansion for Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos. There are some additions and a new campaign. Let's find out:

New Campaign:

  • Night Elves: Well, in Reign of Chaos you'll find out that Illidan Stormrage transformed in a demonic-elf by a corrupted skull. Well, in this campaign, the story continues with Maiev Shadowsong chasing Illidian. While she is chasing him, a new threat appears, Naga, which claims to take the surface world from Night Elves. After that, Maiev finds out that Illidian formed an alliance with Naga. Illidian gets in a tomb from an island and find the Eye of Sargeras which grants him great powers. To capture him, Maiev calls Malfurion and Tyrande (from Reign of Chaos) to help her. well, Tyrande is swept away by a river and Maiev convince Malfurion that she died by the hands of Undead. Illidian's Naga Scouts find out that she is still alive and Stormrage Brothers and Naga Civilzation go after her to rescue from the Undead. Campaign ends with Malfurion forgivin' Illidian, but reminds him that he is still exiled.
  • Blood Elves: Last Elves campaign, tells the story of a young prince called Kael'thas. Blood Elves are controled by a non-human Knight, but are saved by Lady Vashj, leader of Naga. Vashj and Kael'thas goes to Outland, rulled by Illidian. Illidian earned the Draenei control, after he escaped from Maiev and his plans are to conquer Outland, in order to not destroy the Lich King Frozen Throne. His master, demon warlock Kil'jaeden captures Illidian in order to convince him to (re)destroy Lich King, because of his betrayal.
  • Undead: On Plaguelands (aka Lordaeron), a war starts between undead people. There are three sides: Arthas and Kel'Thuzad, Lich King's heroes, Forsaken, led by Queen (Ghost) Sylvanas Windrunner and Dreadlords, Burning Legion's army, which don't know about Legion's loss. Nothing to explain so much, but in the end Sylvanas beats Dreadlords and earn the Queen of Plaguelands title and Arthas travels to Northrend in order to protect Lich King from Illidian. At the end of the whole story, Illdian battles Arthas but he is defeated by the Undead Prince. Arthas becomes the (new) Lich King, where his plans are told in WoW: Wrath of the Lich King.


New unit and buildings, 4 campaigns, 7 neutral heroes and other improvments are new to this game. Heroes can be earned in single-player, by Tavern, where you hire one of them. Great is that naval battles are back from Warcraft 2. A Map Editor program is available, where you can create your own world using some functions. Multiplayer and bugs are fixed through patches earned from expansion.


Nice expansion. I mean, nice. With new features, a "new" story and severeal improvments, this makes Warcraft 3 looks even better. You know i don't have a big conclusion, just going to say that you need to play this game. If you want to read my Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos review, here you have it: 


Kaelthas and his Blood Elves.