Super Hexagon
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Hyper Mode.

Most games that I view and notice that it bears a relation to 'rage' are games I'd pass off and ignore. However, with 'Super Hexagon' I decided to give it a chance every game deserves and was massively pleased to see that it was money well spent. It's quite a simple game, so making an in-depth review will not be necessary. It's nothing that pushes games to the next level, in fact, in that regard it seems to have taken a step back... 


Game-play wise it's quite simple. You utilize the left and right mouse buttons, trying to overcome obstacles that get increasingly tighter and faster. These obstacles, the first time, appear extremely daunting and even impossible, yet they are simple when you have the right mindset. The outer brim of these (what I'll call 'bars') have edges which help a significant amount as you know that your cursor is inside them and will not hit anything unless you miss-click. As I stated, game-play wise it's simple, while being outrageously difficult.

As you can see with the screenshots above and below, it appears the game is hypnotic and that you will probably throw-up after a few minutes. For me at least, I don't feel any different other than that of the game's magnetic pull that makes me want to play forever, until I quit with anger and frustration of losing when I am one second away from my best score. So, I guess you can say that the game is, on some level, hypnotic. 'Super Hexagon' arrives with three levels the very first time you boot up the game and also a seemingly nice greeting with a voice saying, 'Super Hexagon' This 'seemingly nice' greeting will always stay the same, however in-game you will have two more voice overs for a long time, 'Begin' and 'Game-Over'. Once you do get a new record or move up further in your current session, there will be more satisfying voice-overs...until you hear the dreaded 'Game-Over' and punch a hole through your wall.


The first level is named "Hexagon" and apart from other normal games, the difficulty is "Hard" and gets harder as time lingers on, the second is titled 'Hexagoner' it raises the bar in difficulty and changes the music pace. The title sure doesn't lie as when you do enter the level, you will be a 'goner'. Finally the last level is named 'Hexagonest' the most difficult of them all, that is until it's beaten and 'Hyper' modes of these three levels are unlocked. They are indeed 'Hyper'. This is a wonderful indie title, but it isn't as hard as it may appear, it will not go easy on you when you are nearing completion. Other 'rage-inducing' titles that are difficult usually forces "Practice doesn't make perfect" upon you, this is mostly because they are unfair to an enormous extent.  'Super Hexagon' on the other hand, shows you that with dedication and focus pays off. Levels start off with a bar slowly filling from the word 'Point' then to 'Line' and so on. Since in-game you can not look at where your cursor is and what level that you are on, this robot voice gives you an update anytime you are on a new level. For some people it might be distracting, but I take embrace it and it doesn't bother my focus. Embrace a game like this, and you will fall deeply in love with it.


The music here is well-suited and stays well in synchronization with you getting around the obstacles in your way. You can follow the rhythm of the beats, but they tend to throw you off track by changing unexpectedly when you reach a new level. The  amazing music comes from Niamh Houston or better known as 'Chipzel'.


That concludes this review, it was my pleasure to write it for such an astonishing game. My rating for this game is a well-deserved 9.5. You can pick up the game at steam, for €2.99. Or directly on the site for the same price if you would like to directly support them. I wish you hours of fun with this indie.

One of the many Mazes within this game.