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Shadow warrior is a first-person shooter similar to Duke Nukem 3D as both use the Build engine. Devolver is thinking to reboot this game just now we had a reboot of Duke Nukem 3D. This is not sure but might be true. Let's know more.

A new website has gone online at, which is owned by 3D Realms since the launch of first Shadow Warrior game in 1997. This new website is just a screenshot showing dead Yazuka and having some logos of the developers. Based on this single screenshot, game developers and publishers are leaving behind the old Build engine and will be using a new engine, which is not revealed yet.

Not a single information of this game is revealed by Devolver Digital. They have not told that what will be the storyline? Will it be different from the previous one? Are they going to use the same characters or changing them? Nothing is known till now but surely we will get these information soon.

It will be nice to see something new in the game. If it follows the old storyline then it is sure that it will be more interesting and appealing. 3D Realms is not having a good time these days. It has been greatly criticized for allegedly being racially insensitive and encouraging stereotypes. To defend themselves, 3D Realms president George Broussard replied:

"We intentionally mixed the nationalities of protagonist Lo Wang, not out of ignorance, but because we knew it would generate mass amounts of flames derogatory e-mail and e-mail debates online. We just wanted to give people something to talk about. In the end Lo Wang is who you want him to be, and since 'you' sort of become him in the game, we think it’s good to have a fuzzy background, so you can assume his role more easily." 

Rumours say that this game will be announced during E3 this year, but rumours are mostly wrong. But they can also be true.

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