Mars: War Logs
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Roy in combat  :)

Hello to everyone and welcome to my review of Mars:War Logs.

As we all know this game was released on April 26th 2013 and it has already received some good and some bad critics.So,we are going to pass through the most important things that can make one game awesome (or bad).Those things are story,graphics,game play and the most important thing-Optimization.


Story of this game is amazing.What makes this game even better is that every answer you give to any person you talk to,will change the reaction of that person and direction of the story.First you start in a camp made for prisoners,for prisoners of war (or POW).That's where you meet Innocence Smith,a young boy who has already been on the war fronts and has seen terrible things.He joins you after you save him from a guy called Fatso and he's gang.After that you are working on a plan to escape from POW,which you actually succeed in the end and you end up in town called ,,Shadowlair''.As you progress through the story,you and Innocence get separated when he joins the Resistance,mainly to find he's parents.After few missions you get to chose to join the Resistance or to join General Honour Grant,a war hero.But BEWARE,what you chose between those two will save Innocence or get him killed.I don't wan't to go any further as you will se all of that by yourself.Tho close the part about story I will tell you just this:this game is amazing and totally worth of time you will spend playing it.


For a small team of people and not so high budget for the game,I got to say that graphics are maybe little bit outdated for modern games but still nice.Textures of the characters are really nice,even enjoyable.Movement of the characters is little bit stiff but still fine.Many people were complaining about lip syncing when characters talk.Apparently,reason for bad lip syncing when characters talk in English is that the game is primarily made in French and mouth movements are in French language also(which is probably logical since the game is made by Spider Studio from Paris).But don't let that put you off from this game because what lacks a little bit in graphics it makes up in combat which is really fun.

3.Game play

Controls are complicated and hard to understand what is what (with keyboard and mouse) if you don't switch from ,,game pad'' to ,,mouse and keyboard'' in options menu.Fighting system is enjoyable and fun,and what makes it even better is crafting and upgrading your weapons and armor by collecting hardware,scrap metal and many other things which are scattered all over Mars.There is also crafting of health injections,fluid injections and ammo.As you finish side missions and main quest missions you level up and gain skill and character points to upgrade your abilities of Renegade,Technomancer and Combat.You can travel to different parts of Mars and find many side quests and merchants with who you can trade,and many other things.Some say that for best experience you should play with game pad but I'm still for mouse and keyboard.Choice is up to you.


When it comes to optimization of this game,I can say that optimization is fine.Not great,but good enough.With my rig which is above recommended(but little bit above recommended) requirements I had some little lag on high settings with 1280x1024 resolution.Soon as I lowered my resolution to 1024x768 fps really improved but still there were rare moments where fps would drop with small lag but after that it would run fine.Than I disabled FXAA and game was running smoothly on high settings with resolution mentioned above (1024x768).So overall optimization is not great,but also not bad so this game is definitely worth buying.

Buddies I hope this review was helpful to everyone who can't decide to buy this game or not and that you enjoyed my first review.It would be great to hear what you think,so leave a comment in the comments section,looking forward to hearing your opinions.

Technomancer ability of Roy :)