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alex mercer

Welcome buddies to my another review which is of prototype.

Greetings once again! Welcome to the world of Prototype! A game full of action, violence, and of course mystery as you try to uncover the reality of what really happened to Alex Mercer,where his "powers" came from, and why is the entire city of Manhattan becoming a playground to all sorts of mutant monsters.

So guys from last few weeks i am playing prototype like a crazy person and i must say this game is full of
action and violence,being an open world game it allows us to do every possible things that we want to do in this game
from killing to free running from completing side quest and to complete let's talk about this game.

Game play

So game play of prototype is simply awesome no doubt game play is quiet simple but deadly as a king of lots of supernatural powers like spikes,blade,hammer fist you can do everything you want no one can stop you..... but beware military always have eyes on you they notice your each and every move if they find anything different or strange then you are exposed.

The game allows us to even hijack military tanks and choppers which i love most.This game is full of customization we can see lots of power from spikes to hammer fist from infected vision to thermal vision just upgrade them and you are good to go.There are are lots of different kind of ugly monsters which you will see in this game which make game more bad-ass and deadly.

So game play of prototype is full of violence,simple,well optimized and gives us lots of option to do from completing storyline or completing side quest free roaming or to just take out monsters with your powers.I personally like prototype game play very much.


Story of prototype is quiet simple you wake up one morning as a monster and start killing lots of militaries you don't know how you become monster like this now you race against time in order to find out reason why you became a monster and who is responsible for this.In this quest your sister helps you in order to find out person who is responsible for all of this.Storyline of this game is quiet awesome and focus on Alex life nothing more then that.As i expect lot from this game as an open world action game but storyline of this game is a bit disappointing not bad but not best as well.


So let's talk about graphics mate this game look quiet cool as as open world game graphics of this game are good and the game look very decent environment look deadly and monsters look deadlier.Lots of detail we can see in this game while roaming around.
From the city rooftop air conditioner to small small antennas the game has lots of detail which i love most.Graphics of the game i will not say bad but not as good as we should talk about.


So overall the game is awesome i am playing this game from past few weeks and i love it after completing storyline we can complete various side quests which are good as well The game is deadly and very good storyline is pretty weak but not bad the game is quiet small but good side quests are awesome and full of fun lots of customization which make this game full of fun.Being an open world game this game is full of fun and lots of activities you will find this game very entertaining and you will definitely love Alex.

So guys thanks for reading my prototype review i hope you guys like it really looking forward for your suggestion.Thank you all


alex in action