Metro: Last Light
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Delve into the Darkness........

Rising above the few shortcomings of it's predecessor, Metro Last Light has emerged as a hero. Players had to deal with bad Ai and loose gunplay to truly experience Metro 2033. But this all has been fixed by the devs and the storytelling is just as awesome. 

The regular replacing of batteries and masks was a pain in the last game, so the devs have done away with most of it and have shifted their focus on their original motive, to tell a breathtaking story of survival, war, misery and triumph.

The game continues with the story of Artyom and his quest to save the last remaining members of the human race from total annihilation. The main motive of Artyom in this game is to seek a living Dark One, creatures that are able to survive on the radioactive surface of the Earth. The story is mostly dominated by the war and efforts of various factions of the underground to survive. Few combat scenes and fewer boss battles help deliver the story in it's true form.

Improved human AI is just one of the many changes that the devs have put forward. The Red Line soldiers are now attracted more easily to sounds and use improved tactics to, well, kill you. They call for reinforcements and attack in groups often trying to flank you from the side. Monsters on the other hand remain the stupid form, attacking in groups and using only cheap melee attacks to stagger you. The boss battles are rather disappointing but the immersive story helps in forgetting them. As was the case with the previous Metro, devs use lights and shadows to tell the narrative. 

The gameplay has seen a transformation with the introduction of a light sensing meter. The game adapts to any player style whether it be going in guns blazing or stealthily killing the soldiers from a distance or using knives. Even combat is optional and you have the option to skid past some settlements (thus losing the treasures too).

Last Light packs a combination of story and atmosphere. Aside from visual upgrades, the game also includes an upgrade to the underground community in itself.Artyom is now able to talk to much more intelligent AI and learn about the lives of the people coping with the underground. The character models are still a little stiff. Voice acting is still bad, but the devs have been able to create a game that will absolutely immerse you in itself.

The game plays more like a shooter than previous one but is able to deliver a better and more immersive story. All fans will appreciate the game, even the ones who prefer higher difficulties as that has not been compromised. find the Light