Ezio in AC revelations

Hello guys.... from past few days i am playing assassins creed revelations the game that i love most. 
Assassins Creed is always been my favourite series from Assassins Creed to Assassins Creed 3 i love all
of them.So today i am going to give you guys a short review of the game assassins creed revelations.

About the game

Assassins Creed revelations is a direct sequel to Assassins Creed:brotherhood which was released on 2010 and 4 installment in Assassins Creed series.In Assassins Creed revelations master assassins Ezio search for his final quest which is opening the Altair library and to discover the secret.


Assassins Creed series is always been known for his amazing storyline whether it is Assassins Creed 2 or Assassin Creed brotherhood every installment of this series got some good storyline which is the main reason for every game success.Assassins Creed revelation take place in Constantinople the story is simple and steady you have to find out five Masyaf keys to unlock Altair library.Assassins Creed revelations is the end of Ezio journey.So overall Assassins Creed revelations story is awesome and every assassins creed fan will definitely love it.

Game play

So now let's talk about game play so this time some major changes has been done by ubisoft in order to make game play more better this timE,the game is looking more deadlier then ever before ezio is now old but this doesn't mean that he can't fight like before in fact he is now looking more better he master his skill.This time ubisoft had remove one hidden blade and introduced a hook blade which is a new weapon introduced in this game. in AC revelation you can create or craft bombs on your own which was a cool experience.In AC revelations you will complete some mission as an Altair you will learn about Altair life which you haven't experience in assassins creed which is also new introduction in this game.


Graphics of the Assassins Creed revelations is quiet awesome and far better then we have seen in Assassins Creed brotherhood,AC brotherhood was quiet disappoint in graphics but AC ac revelations the graphics are far better this time ubisoft introduced a new engine called anvil.
Graphics are good and better then ever before each and every detail are clearly specified in this game from characters to environment.
AC revelations graphics are quiet a big improvement then ac brotherhood.


Overall the game is best in it's class Assassins Creed lover will definitely love this game the game is now more deadlier then ever before and ezio is now old but more badass new locations,new characters,new weapons,new graphics engine Assassins Creed revelations is full of fun.And this is the end of our beloved Ezio journey.Requiestcat in Pace

Thanks you guys for reading my review if you have any suggestions please let me know. thanks you and have a good day.

Ezio showing his hookblade