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A beautiful view of the city of Shanghai

Ever wondered how it's like to be a Double agent? If your answer is yes then splinter cell: Double Agent is for you. The game is set in 2007 when Sam fisher along with an other Agent is sent to investigate suspicious activity in a Geothermal Plant and Sam ends up disabling a missile. After returning from his mission, Lambert, his mission director, gives him the bad news that Sam's only child, Sarah Fisher, was killed by a drunk driver. Unable concentrate Sam undertakes the most difficult mission available; Infiltrating a Domestic terrorist organization know as JBA. The plot closely follows Sam trying the gain the trust of the JBA and retaining the trust of NSA. Most of the missions are set in a way that the player has 25 to 30 minutes to complete objectives given to him by both NSA and JBA. The game also comes with choices in which we have to decide weather to kill someone or not. The game is fast paced like an action and adventure game while retaining it's stealth nature. The game offers two versions one of which is the generation 7 version and the other is the generation 6 version. The generation 7 version (For PC, Xbox 360 and PS3) is different from the older titles from this series and style of gameplay is different from the previous Splinter Cell games. The Generation 6 version (For PS2, WII, and Xbox) follows the classical style of gameplay and the gameplay is much similar to that of previous  Splinter Cell games. Although the game has well structured missions, it offers a relatively short campaign and there are several bugs in the game that can sometimes get really annoying. But overall the game has good graphics and a good storyline. One of my all time favorites I'd give it a 9.5/10. 

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