Game Dev Tycoon
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Iv recently tried Game Dev Tycoon, an excellent tycoon game where you start in the early ages of the gaming industry to create your own gaming company, it's basicly a very fun and challenging game, especially during the first phase when your essentially an indie game studio trying to manage both a financial budget as well as a time one.

This game includes various fun faetures that you might like:

-Manage your Own Game Company

-Evolve throughout many offices or working spaces

-Create your Own Consoles or MMO games

-Advertise your own games

-Create your own Convetions or Join G3 Convetions (E3 Sideshow)

-Achieve Gold, Platinium or Diamond status based on your games sales. (Gold 5M, Platinium 10M and Diamond 50M)

-Manage your Own staff, Train them, Specialize into Design or Technology. 

Also i think the game is simple, fun, and after all, with lots of content, simply addictive and with a visually very beautiful. I do not see a good tycoon game style so long. I Highly recomend this game to all the Tycoon fans, it's currently on the Top 10 Tycoon games of 2013.

Game Dev Tycoon has recently been granted a place in Greenlight Area of Steam, where you can download Game Dev Tycoon or other great games with the same style and area of fun.

(I had Screenshots of the game but they were too Big.)