Max Payne 3
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Max Payne

Hello GDer's how is it going i hope you are enjoying there.So today i am reviewing another game which is
well known by everyone not because it is one of the best game of 2012 but because we all know this game from our childhood days yes... you guess it right it's Max Payne 3 the game which drove me crazy not because of it's gameplay but because of it's life like graphics and more then awesome gameplay.Max Payne 3 is the 3rd  installment in Max Payne series and a sequel to Max Payne 2,this time Max is suffering from real pain he lost  everything in his life his wife his daughter he has nothing left on his own he is a lost guy who is now working in Brazil as a bodyguard of Bronco's family.So let's talk about gameplay first.


Gameplay of Max Payne 3 is really impressive i really mean impressive mates.Max Payne 3 is known for it's bullet time shooting which make this game really different from other games.Bullet time shooting plays a big role in Max Payne series everyone just love it,Max is looking more badass then ever his character is well explained in this game whole game take plays in Brazil full of street gangs,bad guys.From brazil street to club game give you every bit of what you want it.Game sometime takes you to past and which was also a very good experience overall Max Payne 3 gameplay is more then awesome.It is really good and everyone will love it.


Storyline of this game is just amazing and this will make you to feel real pain of Max,story of this game take place in Brazil where max is a bodyguard of Mr. Rodrigo Bronco a rich businessman of brazil games make you to experience real Brazil where you will meet some real bad guys.Rodrigo is always been targeted by some gangs now it's up to Max  how he will save bronco family from these bad guys overall storyline is simply good and you will love Max as this is really tough time for him this time.


Ok now talk about graphics so this game really got some real life like graphics which make this game even more better,really graphics are good and game look simply awesome this game really got lot's of detail from small bottles to newspaper you will see everything fully detailed overall the graphics are best and give you real gaming experience.


So overall the game is awesome and i really loved it but the game is quiet short but the storyline,gameplay and graphics are really good if you are real max payne fan you will love this game also and if you are not still you will love this.This game gives you a complete entertainment from graphics to storyline.

So guys that's it i hope you guys like it and any suggestion are appreciated thanks for reading.Good day


Max shooting some bad guys