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It falls between an arcade and serious simulator genre



It's been 5 years since Codemasters' GRID:Racedriver  released on PC and consoles in 2008 and blew our minds away with its amazing driving, beautiful graphics, and flashback driving. Around a week ago, Codemasters released Grid 2. Question is, is it still going to give us the thrills that it the first game gave us, or is it just another boring sequel with no new features? Lets see ahead.

The fact that it falls in between the arcadic effects of the Need for Speed series,  and the serious racing techniques of the Forza titles makes it really appealing. Although it doesnt have the features of upgrading the parts of the cars like Forza, it is a bit more serious than Need for Speed.

Grid 2 is made to be taken seriously in many choices presented to the player, but the fact that the players are able to go back in time after a turn made wrong or a crash, to correct the smallest of mistakes, removes the game from reality. In terms of gameplay, it's a pretty smooth game, as smooth as a player can hope. The vehicle's engines roar like a beast and feel powerful, the techno tracks blend well with the racing genre, and the video cutscenes are amazingly well.

Grid 2 is a simple and fun racing game which doest require you to have the knowledge of a car's engine to have a good time, you just need to know your turns, and have good timing. The graphics of this game are also stunning,  the reflections on the metallic hoods of the cars make you feel like you are looking into a mirror, with some livery on it. The scenic views of the tracks may distract you, as in mani games, all the detail is worked onto the cars and roads, whereass in Grid 2, each spectator, building and roadlamp is equally detailed, so you may find yourself staring more at the scenery than on the roads to make your turns perfect.

Online multiplayer is a huge improvement since Grid: Racedriver, it has its own garage and set of options that dont come from your campaign mode. You cant go back in time using flashback for changing your mistakes either. You have to earn new cars, and cash to purchase new cars, and it wont be easy as it will take a while, so you will be into playing more multiplayer games to earn cash for new cars. It is almost glitch free, and quite flawless.

Unfortunately, the game's camera is sometimes annyinh, especially in the garage, you dont get a good camera angle to do your paint job, or change tires, it doesnt affect the races, so it doesnt really matter. The fact of having no cockpit view makes it a little dissapointing, but the arcade/simulator combo makes it even. And there is a huge difference in between the Easy, Medium, and Hard difficulty. The AI seems to be easy on medium, extremely hard on hard, and very easy on easy, so you dont really get a choice on challenging races, although sometimes there is a good challenge with some AIs.

Grid 2 is definetly a sleek and beautiful break from the First/Third Person Shooters, and Action/Adventure games. The game has a vast selection of cars, very capable and demanding graphics, and fast, exciting, and action packed gameplay. Codemasters has done an incredibly amazing job with Grid 2. It is a game that should provide you with lots of hours of beautiful drifts, and glorious gameplay. Definetly worth a try.


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