Payday: The Heist
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Ah... Chains your badassry has been immortalized in gold

Pay Day: The Heist is an intresting game that has you pull off various heists....not so subtly,it has gameplay akin to Valve's Left 4 Dead franchise, so without further a do lets dive right in to this review.

In 2011, Pay Day: The Heist was released advertising itself as a AAA game for a quarter of the cost, this holds true to many people because it was generally well recieved with the occasional critic docking it for being a Left 4 Dead clone.

Those whom have played Left 4 Dead,will feel right at home with its fast-paced run-and-gunning and its fitting soundtrack, gamers will also recognize that the game can only be effectively played one way, running around keeping civilians in check until the drill is done or a police raid occurs and that will get awfully repetitive....until you start shooting back.

In PD:TH there are 3 classes to choose from (4 if you purchase the DLC) you must select the class that you want to unlock items and perks for by completing challenges, now in my opinion this was done very poorly I never quite grasped why I HAD to choose a class for certain unlocks when they could have just put a simple "complete this challenge for this rifle", instead of this time-wasting endeavor,it's annoyance may have been mitigated if you could change your class mid-heist,but alas that is impossible.

While the class system is a bother, you will immediatley forget about that when you get to this games core.... gunplay its fast-paced and incredibly satisfying. There isn't a huge of variety of weapons in this game but the guns it does have are incredible simply because THEY WORK, I have not found a single gun to be useless, they are all brutally effective,and "versatile" I say that because SHOTGUNS HAVE AN EFFECTIVE RANGE STRETCHING LONGER THAN 5 FEET,submachine guns can be used accurately when firing a single bullet at a time or short controlled bursts,rifles can be used to accurately pick off enemy snipers,overall its just done well!

The Soundtrack is noteworthy,and while not particularly amazing its tempo and beat fit well. As you may have guessed this paragraph is about the sound and it really isn't anything special but it at the very least sounds like a gun (I'm looking at you Black Ops)

The Characters are likeable guys my personal favorite being Dallas, they are down-to-earth humorous on occasion and are, let's be honest here BADASS!

In Conclusion, the game is pretty darn good while it can get repetitive, it is still at its core a solid shooter, it earns my Honorary Seal of Approval,a good buy if you want to pull off a heist of epic proportions