The Swapper
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A Pictures Worth A thoushand Words,But Im Not Sure a thousand Are Enough

Intro:The Swapper is a 2D Side scrolling Puzzle Platformer game Developed and Published by a Small Indie group called "Facepalm Games", Released May 30 2013.The Game was a Project mad by 2 student From the University of Helsinki.It was Funded By the Indie Fund and became the 6th Game ever To be funded By the Indie Fund.

Setting:Set in a distant and Undiscovered future and Far away Space station Called "Theseus",Once a research and Extraction facility For Strange Rocks, Which eventually Lead to catastrophic Casualties and the Complete Evacuation of the facility,You find your self stranded with Only a Cloning device in hand,but Are you truly Alone?

Game-Play:The Amazingly well Crafted game-play And Atmosphere,Drowns you in the never Ending Beauty of a Game that is Solely Hand crafted From Scratch. You use your Cloning Device to Slove the puzzle that You come Across,Using your Deice you Can Make clones (right click) and you can also Swap places with them.
There are certain Lights that block the usage of your Device,For example the blue light Make You unable to make Clones With or beyond it, Red light block swapping, And Purple lights Block both actions. The Astoundingly well Crafted puzzles, Along with the Game's Ability to tell You what it want's Without even a Single hint,Make's The Game-Play truly one of the best There ever was.

Plot:Similar To other Games of this Genre,the Game doesn't go through the Trouble of telling You what it's about, That Part is for You to understand, And it does it Beautifully, You Will come Across Memory Terminals which will give You an understanding on What happened on "Theseus".Over All i Guess you can Say That just because it doesn't tell you a story,Doesn't mean there Isn't one.

Graphics:I Can Say with Ease,that this game Is The Most Beautiful Game I Have ever played,From a Technical and Artistic stand point.Play This,And you will forever Forget the name of Cry Engine 3 Or Frost bite.It would seem That the Graphics were Sculpted by Angels, And Demons Surrendered To the angel when they Saw How beautiful it was.

Atmosphere:When it comes to being Atmospheric, It is pretty much a neccesity for this Genre of games,and Regarding that,You can feel at times That the Swapper Follows the Footstep of it's Father And the game that Made the world Tremble with its Awesomeness, Limbo. And i am perfectly Happy with that.

Awards:The Swapper has won Many Awards and has Been the finalist for some.It was Announced as the Best international Game free play in 2011,It Won the Special Recognition Award at IndieCade 2011, It was the Winner of The Indie Show Case Develop conference in 2011, It Won the SCEE award in 2011,and was the finalist in The following Events:indie game Challenge 2012,Grand Prize independent Propeller Awards 2012,Indie game Awards Mindtrek 2011 And Nordic game indie Night 2012.

Soundtrack: As You would Expect from an Atmospheric Game,It has Amazing Soundtracks Which only Help Immerse you in it's Magnificence.

Inspiration:In these years which Creativity seems to be Forgotten,It is Always Great to see indie Developers Showing that Creativity is the Essence of the Gaming Community,and It is Great to see that it is Still Alive and It will Not die so Easily.

Verdict:"The Swapper" is Easily one of the Best Games Of 2013,And People Should Appreciate indie Developers,As they are What's Keeping creativity Alive.The Swapper Is the embodiment Of everything Current big Budget Games Should be,From Its Beautiful Graphics, To its heavenly Atmosphere ,To its precieux Puzzle's You can sense The Pefection What ever You Do, Wherever You Go.

I Wish I Was Stranded There