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Written by hoseinz on Fri, Jun 21, 2013 1:21 PM
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How well optimised is Smite for PC? 8.5

Ragnarok is here,the Time has come for the fate of the universe To be decided,Will Fenrir tear Odin The All-father Apart?Or will Ares change the Tide of battle,That is up to you.

Overview:Smite is a Free2Play third person MOBA game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios which is currently in open beta.It will probably be released Q3 or Q4 2013.

Game-Play:the game-play is a bit different than other MOBAs,Considering that most other MOBAs are RTS,Making it different than its competition.

You play as one of many Gods ( Greek,norse,Egyptian,Hindu and Mayan) in the game in 6 Match types which consists of:

Conquest:Which is the standard 5v5, 3 lane corridors that All MOBAs have.

Assault:a single lane 5v5 map which your goal is destroying the enemy Minotaur while defending your Own Towers and Minotaur.

Domination:Which is similar to Capture The flag in most games,It is a 3 lane map,and in each lane there is a Obelisk that you must capture,When the enemy score hits 0 you win.

Joust:A one lane 1v1 map in which you Must destroy the enemy's Minotaur before he does.

Arena:It is a 5v5 map which is basically a deathmatch,Your goal is to make the enemy points reach 0,which You can do by either killing an enemy god (-5 Points each) or Allowing your minions to go through their Portal (-1 point for each minion).

Match of the Day:Every day There is a special match which you can play,It varies from infinite Money Arenas To Clone matches and etc.

Graphics:The game uses Unreal Engine 3,So there isn't much to say about the graphics,The Engine is well utilized,and the Textures and shadows are of very good quality.

Bugs and Glitches:There are no bugs that impact Game-Play,but as you would expect from an Online game,It has its share of small bugs.

Servers Capability:The Servers really are good,And they have never been down.You can play the game with a 70 KBps Net connection with ease.Though due to being far From the servers (USA or Europe),i usually get a 1 second lag,which is good considering that i cant Even Play play LoL.

Controversy:in June 2012 The Hindu leaders insisted that Hi-Rez removes The Hindu Gods from the game,Stating that kali is dressed inappropriately and saying that Kali is depicted in a "Pornographic style".
in response the COO of Hi-Rez studious said:"going forward Smite will include even more deities, not fewer."

P2P Elements:While the game is free,you only have 10 Free Gods in the beginning (5 permanently free and 5 in rotation),you can pay real money to buy the Ultimate god pack,which includes all current and future Gods,Or you can unlock gods by Playing and earning Favour (in game currency).You can Also buy gems (with money),so you can Either unlock gods,Or purchase Cosmetic Skins for your favourite gods.Overall It is a F2P game because you can get the same gods without paying a cent.

Verdict:Smite is A really fun game To play,Whether you want to play it alone,Or with friends You can enjoy it completely,As you wake up every day to See there is a new match type,Smite is a game every MOBA fan will enjoy.


  • Fun game-Play
  • Very good servers
  • Frequently added Gods


  • Some Ragdoll bugs
  • Few Over-Powered Gods



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