Experience some beautiful Graphics

Do you know what it takes a man to kill hundreds of men? Hmm... Think, still don't know? well there may be many reasons, but the game tells you another reason, that is VENGEANCE! and some money. The new installment in the Call of Juarez series, COJ Gunslinger takes you to the wild west to kill some famous Outlaws and Apaches. The previous installment in the series COJ The Cartel was a huge disappoint for gamers. The game had failed to entertain gamers in every possible way. But this game, it is a different case. Gunslinger takes the series back to its Roots, to present you with those awesome western Gunfights and some great story. Now lets hear about the game shall we?

The game showcases the story of Silas Greaves. You must all be wondering who is Silas Greaves? Well he is one hell of a Bounty Hunter who saw nothing but Vengeance in his way. His Vengeance was upon three men who murdered his brothers. In his hunger for Vengeance he even took down number of outlaw gangs looking for his brother's murderers. Among the outlaws were the famous Billy The Kid and Jesse James. The game starts with you being in a bar. The folks around you will come to know that you are the famous Bounty Hunter Silas Greaves and thus one of the best story narration begins. So Silas Greaves begins to tell his story, It starts with Silas trying to help Billy The Kid and his gang who were apparently outnumbered by the Sheriff's men. And soon before you even start to notice, the bullets start flying all around you and start popping out of men's head. And you end up landing in the middle of them. Ahh I will leave the rest of the story for you to get hold off.

So about the gameplay, which is rather very good and interesting. The story is very well tailored which makes the game more interesting. The first thing i want to put some light  is on the story narration of the game. Its so awesome that you would want to hear the story narration than play the game itself. With the usual doubts and interruptions by the listeners, the game takes a new turn. For example, when Silas Greaves tells that he was surrounded by hundreds of outlaws and thought that the end was near, suddenly he talks about a way which he had failed to notice before, and Alas! a way mystically appears right before you out of nowhere and you are saved.

The gunfights are awesome taking you back to the old western atmosphere and as usual from the previous games, there is Concentration mode which makes the game so special and the job easy. The new addition to the game is the experience skills which you can unlock after every level up and as they say A Gamer never ages, but Levels Up. 

There are those awesome western face offs which are bound to get your attention. But the lack of Open world gameplay was a bit let down for many gamers who expected it. The game is also pretty much a straight forward shooter which may bore you, but rarely. But don't worry the Story narration and the Action will push you forward. 

The game offers very good graphics and details which is somewhat similar to that of Borderlands. The Western atmosphere and the Scenic beauty is bound to catch your attention. From the silent woods to ravishing scenery everything is well detailed. And one more thing is the optimization of the game, which is very well optimized. As far as it is concerned, My rig can run it in ultra settings smoothly. So even low end rig owners can enjoy the game. 

Finally to sum it up, COJ Gunslinger is a very good game with lot of potential. The graphics are amazing and experience skills feature adds some charm to the game. The straight forward shooter may bore you sometimes and lack of open world gameplay was a bit let down. It feels like there is one piece missing from the puzzle that is open world gameplay. But if the game had given much freedom, then it would have been one of the great games this year. The one thing that stood tall among all was the Excellent Story narration of the game which is the main attraction. So if you are a FPS lover and want to spend your time putting a hole in the heads of men and enjoying a Great Story while spending some wonderful time in the Wild West then this just the game you are looking for.

Dodge it if you can