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First off, I'm going to say, i realize this is a remake of the original Tomb Raider, which I HAVE played some of, anyway, let's begin.


Released on June 1, 2007, people would be excited about a remake of the original Tomb Raider...well, I didn't play it until 5 years later, I'm unimpressed. 

To start off, this game looks fantastic for a 2007 game, I can max it and get good FPS the entire time, but anyway, the game starts up and you're in Peru, just like in the original.  The temples are well designed, and the puzzles intricate, I remember probably the best part in the start was walking into an area with an underground waterfall. it looking like it was ripped from the surface and put into the cave.  This is in the start of the third area, I cannot remember the first two areas, so they must not have been that incredible :/.

Your first boss fight is in the end of this level before the tomb you are seeking to find the first piece of the Scion, which is like a key to finding the city of Atlantis.  This boss is a FREAKING TYRANNOSAURUS REX, and it's...not too hard, if you can get past my first big complaint with the game, the Adrenaline Dodge. 

The Adreniline Doge, basically has you tapping the dodge key while moving to the right or left, then shooting the target in the head.  Now, this is a decent concept, except it RARELY WORKS, at least for me, I try doing everything you're supposed to, instead of dodging, Lara crouches T_T, only to have her face eaten off by a giant dinosaur. 

Eventually, I managed to get past this beast, entered the tomb, etc.  Solved those puzzles, and moved on to get the first piece of the Scion.  After that's all said and done, you go to Greece.  The first area is just getting inside the temple, which isn't hard, just a bit of simple puzzle-solving that a monkey with any reasonable problem-solving skills could solve...just getting them to use a mouse and keyboard or controller would be the hard part.  After there, if I remember right you go into this big multi-part puzzle room that has you finding four keys in each of the four labeled rooms, named after Greek mythological figures:  Poseidon, Hephaestus, Damocles, and Atlas.  This place took FOREVER, I spent about 8 hours total in this place, and this is only the SECOND FREAKIN' LEVEL!  The puzzles aren't too challenging, just not getting killed and finding your way to each door and their lever is the hard part (although, to be honest, it was well put together.).

After my 8 hour escapade there, I arrived in the Coliseum area, went through that and to a King Midas room (yes, the guy that turned his daughter to gold.).  This is another multi-step area, requiring 4 keys to proceed.  A rather amusing death is when you approach the midas statue, one of his hands fell off and is laying palm-up at his feet, you step on this and Lara turns to gold. 

This place, honestly was much better than the last, but it still was annoying to get through.  I had a walkthrough up and still took a lot of time to get through it.  After going through that area, a little more exploring and you arrive at the boss fight for Greece:  Two undead Centaur, that awaken from statues at the entrance to the Greece tomb.  Now, the boss fight for them is rather difficult to figure out:  you have to Adrenaline Dodge them when they charge you,  then you have to jerk off their shield, and you have to use the shield to reflect the Medusa-esque beams coming from their eyes, to turn each one into stone.  The concept's easy, but, again, since the Adrenaline Dodge SUCKS, to this day, I'm stuck there because I ragequit after probably 3 hours or more of attempts T_T  Only one time did I kill ONE centaur, much less both of them. 

Okay, that's the gameplay out of the way, now for my other complaint:  Lara Croft in this game is a boring, BORING character.  She has NO personality, nothing to make her likable other than her oversized breasts and curvy butt.....I swear, and people say she's the best lara, and one idiot I know of said she had "a lot of personality" yeah, maybe in her anatomy *sigh*  I just...I don't see how the original Tomb Raider was so great, Anniversary is a remake of the original, it in my opinion, is, meh, Legend was a LOT better.  (despite the torpedo breasts of that Lara...).  Oh yeah, in Anniversary, you will rarely have health kits because of the freakin' raptors, bears, gorrillas, and wolves that want to kill you, and that are hard to dodge (the raptors and wolves especially.). 


All in All, this game gets a 5, because, it's okay, despite the boring settings (ancient ruin after ancient ruin, really?  why not something like in Legend where you went into a City, and other things.), which were all somewhat similiar in parts.  The graphics are superb, the optimization is well, voice acting is good, gunplay works, the only things that could've been changed would be the removal of the Adrenaline Dodge, and the removal of the "no personality sex idol" that is THIS Lara Croft. 

Thanks for reading, and good day/night to you all, leave comments, I'm interested to see if you agree or disagree, the only reason there are misses in this are because I spent so many hours into the game just to get to where I am, and I cannot remember the earlier settings.