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Oh my God! What a mess!!

Love is the theme of many songs, books, films, even games! So, the developers of this game choose the love. In this game the heroine is Catherine an old woman and she tell us her story. The 18 year old Catherine grow up in orphanages and she didn't know anything about her past. She starts a journey to find about her past and during this journey she falls in love. Enough about the plot, let's talk about business!

The graphics
The graphics are with one world beautiful. They are like they came from a painting! They just came out of 19th century books! But they are not all just fine. The videos of the game have very few frames and the result is not good. Also the resolution is clear, but is too big for some screens. An advise: Don't play it in a 10.1" netbook!

The sound
The sound is very clear. You can listen bird's songs and music and more. The only bad is the dialogues has no voices. Anyway, this can be ignored, because the bird's songs compensates you.

The gameplay
You can interact by clicking objectives. The puzzles are satisfactory (except some difficult in the end), but the most of them need very good observation. The game has 5 chapters, but you can finish it  quickly.

To sum up, this game has good graphics and clear sound, but has some problems. The gameplay is nice and game costs 9.99$ (now is -70%, 2.99$). Is a nice game to spend your time if you like these games and if you have a low-end PC.

Beautiful picture!